Step 2: Reconnecting with Higher Self and Inner Spirit


Higher Self


Each and every one of us has a higher self. Our Higher Selves offer us guidance and sound advice in our every day lives. Our Higher Selves only want the best for us and know the best course of action to take for any given situation. Our higher self is the part of ourselves that is good, compassionate, caring, empathic, sensitive, loyal and the part of us that does not judge others, does not feel afraid or negative. 


As you grow spiritually you will embark on a wonderful journey where you learn to love yourself and others, the planet and all that is around you and you will re-discover yourself. You take an enormous leap forward in your spiritual growth by contacting your Higher Self and discovering who you truly are.


(I found that once I started to connect more with my Higher Self I would find that I felt completely different within. I felt at peace and felt calm and collected. I found that I could communicate well with others and my relationships improved dramatically – as I was more aware of others, their feelings and needs.


My intuition was heightened and I began to open up more to the spiritual and angelic realms. I began to see, hear and feel my guides and angels more readily which is a beautiful experience.)




Below is a wonderful meditation that I use regularly. It truly helps you to open up to your Higher Self and connect with your Higher Self on a deeper Level. This Meditation comes from the book, “Spiritual Growth – Being your Higher Self.” By Sanya Roman


(I find that I like to put on some soft classical or meditation music quietly in the background when doing this meditation. You can light a candle or two if you like – what ever makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed.)


Sit with your eyes open or closed. Adjust your posture so that you are comfortable, perhaps putting your hands at your sides. Begin taking a few deep breaths.

Imagine your entire body relaxing, starting with your toes.


Bring a feeling of relaxation into your feet, calves, and thighs, then up into your abdomen and lower back, chest upper back and shoulders. Next relax your arms, hands, neck, head, and shoulders. Let the muscles around your jaws and eyes relax. Do these until you feel peaceful, focused, and physically comfortable?


Adjust your posture so that your energy can flow more easily up and down your spine. Breathe a full breath into just your upper chest, moving your lower diaphragm and abdomen as little as possible. Breathe into your upper chest several times; note how you feel. Now breathe into your abdomen several times, following this with several breaths into your upper chest and abdomen.


Straighten and lift your upper chest with a deep breath, so your spine is more upright. Notice that as you do this you may also want to adjust the back of your head and neck to the most comfortable upright posture. This helps create fluidity in your emotional body, open your heart centre and make it easier to think in higher ways.


You are now ready to meet your Higher Self. Imagine that you are being joined by many high beings (angels and guides) who are sitting in a circle around you. Feel the peace, joy and love all around you. These beings are here to assist you in meeting your Higher Self.


Imagine your Higher Self in the distance, beginning to come toward you. You might picture it as a beautiful, shimmering, radiant light. Greet and welcome your Higher Self and invite it to come closer.


Mentally ask your Higher Self to assist you in making a stronger connection. Feel the radiance of its love surrounding you and embracing you. Feel the lines of light coming to you from your Higher Self. As these lines of light touch you, feel your vibration increase. Your Higher Self is now merging and becoming one with you.


Feel your molecules and atoms merging with it, as if you are reclaiming a part of your energy. Let your Higher Self merge with you even more until your energy patterns are taking on the radiance of your Higher Self. You and your Higher Self are now one.

As your Higher Self, open your breathing to create a greater flow of energy in your body.


Adjust your posture so that you are sitting as your Higher Self. As your Higher Self, adjust your shoulders and chest to reflect your confidence and wisdom. What facial expression do you have as your Higher Self?


Think of a situation you want guidance about. As your Higher Self, you are going to give yourself advice about this situation. Imagine you are a wise teacher and consultant. What advice would you give yourself on this situation? You may want to speak out loud or write down your answers.


As your Higher Self, do you have any other messages, perhaps about your spiritual growth, your higher purpose, or anything else? Thank your Higher Self for becoming one with you and sit as long as you like as your Higher Self.


Be more sensitive!


A good way to encourage us to be our higher selves and to help our higher selves to shine through is to become more sensitive to all that is around us. It is important to be sensitive as this helps you to easily pick up on energy and connect with our guides and angels. There are a quite a few ways of helping you to be more sensitive.


You could try reading more books and stories on angels, life, nature and on helping others. Try reading books and stories that are emotional and inspiring, uplifting and encouraging.


Watch more programs that involve nature, angels, inspirational stories, true life, romance and films that make you cry - films that leave you feeling sensitive and uplifted at the same time.



Try to not watch / or read the news for at least a week or two. Also try to cut out films or programs that portray a lot of anger, violence or negativity such as soaps and dramas. You only need to cut these out for a week or two.  The news is so filled with negativity that it blocks your higher self from coming through. Our higher selves are compassionate, empathic, fun, loving, generous, loyal and faithful, sensitive and kind and most of all positive. Watch TV, films and read books that are everything that your higher self is.


Try looking at lots of pictures of things that you find inspiring and beautiful. Also look at a lot of pictures of angels as these will all help you to become more sensitive.




Our higher selves love nature as when we are in nature it helps us to be protected and grounded, we are more connected to the earth and our guides and angels, we have quiet time which helps us to better hear divine messages and nature helps our higher self to shine through.


Try spending as much time in nature as possible. Go for long walks, plant a tree, do some gardening, go horse back riding or swimming in the out doors. Connect with nature in any way that you can. You could find somewhere nice and peaceful to lie down or sit, then look all around you. Take in every detail of your surroundings, see what all you can see, smell, hear and feel. Be one with nature and your higher self.


Take note of those around you


In order for our higher selves to shine through we need to learn the art of listening and connecting with our loved ones and people around us on a deeper level. We need to learn to read other people and understand them a lot more. So many times in life we are all so wrapped up in our own life issues that we forget to take the time to truly be there for others.


We listen when people talk to us but do we really listen? Do we genuinely feel another’s pain or fully understand how the person we are talking to feels? Apart of being our higher selves means that we should be more empathic, more sympathetic and understanding of others and their needs and feelings. We need to learn the art of not always putting our selves first, but in thinking of others and trying to help them where we can.


For two or three weeks why not try taking in as much detail as you can when someone talks to you. Watch their eyes, mouth, expression, body language and try to see if you can better understand the person you are talking too. There are many people out there who are suffering a great deal in life.


On the out side they put on a brave face and the world thinks they are happy, but inside they are dying or feeling so alone and sad. Your higher self will be able to see this sadness in the other person. Your higher self will be able to connect with this person on a deeper level, will know how this person feels and how to try and help this person.


Your higher self will know this because he/she would have taken the time to truly look deeper at this person. Your higher self would have put their own needs last and truly connected with the person that they are talking too. Because your higher self is so sensitive to the energy of all living things, he/she would instantly pick up on the energy of the sad person.


Once you begin to be your higher self on a daily basis then you too will be able to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with others and yourself. You will see others in a new and positive light. The old lady that once gave you the creeps each time you saw her will now seem different to you, you will see past what is on the out side and see deeper with in. You will discover that in actual fact she is a lovely person just really shy and lonely.


Or you may discover that the man that you thought was vein and rude, in actual fact has a charming and adventurous spirit. You will begin to realise that each and every living soul is a beautiful creation and child of God. We are all God’s children and he loves each and everyone of us. In his eyes we are all beautiful, equal and loved. Your higher self will look at the world and people around them in the same way as God would – meaning that your higher self will see the beauty in every living thing. Your higher self will always see the best in others and not the worse.


Thought Patten Change – It is vital that you learn to keep your thoughts and feelings positive at all time. Try to push or block out absolutely any negative thoughts or feelings that come to you. Try to always see the good side to every person and situation. Try to say positive affirmations on a daily basis. Do not just say them but believe in them and mean every word that you say. Stay Positive!


Appreciation – Each day spend just 15 – 20 minutes appreciating all that you are blessed with. Let God and the angels know just how grateful you all for all the blessings in your life. Try to think what it is that you are most grateful for and then give thanks. Try to appreciate being you and living the life that you do.


Music - Surrounding your self with lots of beautiful music. Music helps to life our spirits and connects us with angels and our true selves. Music also helps to remove negativity and raises our vibrations higher. 


Animals - Spending more time with animals and our pets. When we are around animals it helps to reduce stress, it helps to calm us on a deeper level and helps our sensitivity to be heightened.


 Prayer – Try to say prayer on a regular basis. Each day thank the Lord and all of his angels for all that they have blessed you with. Make a list of all the things in each day that you are grateful for. It is important to give thanks for all that you have and to connect to God and the angels with prayer. Prayer helps our vibrations to rise and it helps us to easily and readily connect with our angels and guides.


Be Helpful – Try to do something helpful each day. You could smile at the the next person you walk pass on the street, as a smile can go a very long way and help another person more than you realise. Or if you find litter lying on the floor then pick it up and put it in the bin.


You could help an elderly person cross the road, comfort a child when they fall, advice a friend who is in need or do one of your partners chores to release the stress, do something special and nice for a loved one, help a little animal who may be in distress, plant a tree or water your plants. Each day try to do at least one or more helpful things. You will soon notice a massive difference in your life and your relationships with others if you do.


At the start of each day say out loud or to yourself, “My higher self I ask that you will please run my life. Help me to be my higher self at all times. Thank you.” then notice the difference not only in your self but in your life too.


Inner Spirit


Every living thing has a unique spirit – plants, animals, humans etc. We will first look at discovering your own spirit before moving on to recognize the spirits of your loved ones, pets and plants. Recognizing your own spirit is an important step to take before you can begin to recognize the presence of your spirit guides and angels. It will help you to find out who you are and help you to see others in a different light. It will also help you to easily see energy that surrounds us all.


Words from Sonia Choquette’s book, “Ask your Guides”.....


“Although we all share the same eternal breath of life, it manifests differently in each of us. Your spirit has its own presence – a unique vibration that’s totally distinct from your personality (which, to a large degree, is formed as a defensive shield around your spirit.) The best way to connect with your own spirit is to start recognizing what makes you come alive.”


Recognizing Your Spirit


What is your spirit like? Try to explore and see what your unique spirit is like. Is your spirit shy and quite? Is it proud? Does your spirit come alive with music or art – musical and arty? Is your spirit fussy or friendly? What make’s you tick and make’s you the person you are?


Once we learn to take a good look at ourselves and learn what makes us feel complete and whole, what feeds our spirits and brings us contentment, and once we learn to like ourselves more, only then can we begin to learn to see our angels.


(When I first did this lesson I can remember thinking to myself, “Is this necessary? Why do I have to do this and why can’t I just get on with meeting my guides and angels? I did do the lesson though and was very glad that I did.


If we do not like ourselves, know who we are, or are feeling in a negative place – then it is much harder to begin to see, hear and feel, as well as connect with our spirit guides and angels. We are subconsciously putting up a block which is stopping us from moving forward on our spiritual path.) 


Feeding Your Spirit


Once you have learnt to recognize your spirit and know what it is that makes you feel whole, makes all of your senses come alive, what inspires and drives you, it is then that you can begin to feed your spirit.


A spirit that is not fed can not grow spiritually. The way that we feed our spirit is by doing the things that helps your spirit to come alive – doing things that you enjoy, love and that leave you feeling satisfied.


(I discovered that my spirit is helpful, creative, earthy, musical, playful, an organizer and a romantic. I found that if I was not helping someone I felt sad, tied, board and frustrated. I felt as though a part of me was missing.


 Each time I help another person I felt complete and felt happy inside, I felt whole. I began to do more creative things such as painting and designing – this gave me the time to my self that I so desperately needed. I found that when I did creative work I could go off in to my own world and sort out things in my head that mattered.


I also felt satisfied and enjoyed doing something that I loved. I found that if I went for a nice long walk in the country side or potted about in the garden, that I would feel relaxed and any stress I had would fade.


I began to organize more things which made me feel more confident and enthusiastic. I listened to more music which helped settle my emotions and made me feel like dancing and singing. I felt free and a live again.


If romance was lacking in my life then, I began to loose my self confidence, long to feel special and cared for – My spirit needed romance to help me feel attractive, wanted and loved. These are all the things that fed my spirit and made me who I am.

When I neglected doing the things that fed my spirit it only made me withdraw, feel like there was something missing in my life. Made me feel down and tied, grumpy and in need of something to make me feel right inside. I also learnt that I was a creative, helpful, musical, and playful person. I began to see myself in a different light.)


Seeing Your Spirit


Once you have recognized your spirit and learnt how to feed your spirit – to help make it grow and shine, it is then that you can move on to trying to see what your spirit looks like. This will help you to learn so much more about whom you truly are and to appreciate this wonderful being called YOU!


(When I first tried to see what my spirit looked like I was surprised to see a beautiful pink Carnation bud (my favourite flower.) In my minds eye I watched as slowly the bud began to bloom.


The flower opened up more and more until a fully grown beautiful pink Carnation was before me. I then noticed that from out of the centre of the bud came a tiny orange beak, then out popped a beautiful white dove who flew out of the Carnation. She had forest green eyes and in her beak appeared an olive branch.


The dove flew off and I was curious to see where she would go. She flew down to a little elderly lady who had fallen over. She handed the elderly lady the olive branch. Once the elderly lady took hold of the olive branch a shower of glittery dust sprinkled over her.


The lady stood up and cried tears of joy, as she felt well again and was not in pain. A huge sense of relief swept over me that the woman was okay. A new olive branch appeared in the dove’s beak and, the dove then flew off again and found someone else to help.


I found that each time I do the seeing your spirit guide meditation I would find the same process will happen, except I will be helping different people each time. Only recently I have noticed that an angle will join the dove, and the two would work together to help people, plants and animals.


Thanks to learning to see my spirit I have discovered that my life mission is to help others and to work, together with angels to make a difference in other people’s lives and in our planet – that is my life’s purpose. You see the dove is my spirit and my spirit is doing what I love doing most – helping others. )


There are many different types of ways in which we can meditate. Meditation does not just involve guided meditation or relaxation meditation. Taking long peaceful walks is a good way of meditating, washing the dishes, cooking dinner, hanging up the washing, listening to soft music, doing arts and crafts or painting, gardening or sewing are all ways of meditating.


You see when you are doing simple things where, you are not disturbed and can be away with your own thoughts – you are meditating with out even realizing it. When we meditate we calm our minds, relax and it helps to make hearing spiritual messages easier. When we are constantly on the go it is harder for us to hear the messages that our guides and angels are passing onto us.


Please try if you can to meditate each day. It is a vital part of growing spiritually and developing your special psychic gift. With the guided meditations please do not get frustrated or angry if you are finding them difficult to do.


Take your time, work slowly and eventually with practice you will be able to do the meditations with ease. The more worked up and frustrated you get the harder it will be to calm your mind and do the meditations.


Questionnaire – Please fill out the questionnaire as honestly as possible…


  1. Explore what makes you unique and what your spirit is like?


  1. What makes you happy and excited?


  1. What makes you feel positive?


  1. What gifts and talents do you have?


  1. What are your goals and dreams and why are these your goals?


  1. What makes you the person you are?


  1. Do you like the person you are or do you feel the need for change?


  1. What brings you contentment?


  1. Is your spirit friendly, grumpy, fussy or confident?


  1. What colours are you attracted to and why? How do they make you feel?


  1. What do you think your spirit is like?


  1. What feeds your spirit?


  1. What do you think your spirit needs at the moment?


  1. Have you been feeding your spirit properly?


  1. When last can you remember giving your spirit what it needs to grow?


  1. Do you feel connected to your spirit?


  1.  When last you felt connected to your spirit and how did it feel?


  1. What do you think your spirit looks like?


  1. Why do you think that your spirit looks the way that it does?


  1. What do you feel your life purpose is? Do you know what it is yet?


Exercises and Meditations to help you re-connect with your inner spirit


  • Get out your arts and crafts things, take up a new creative course, do some house decorating – these are the things that feed your spirit. If you are a nature spirit as well as a musical spirit then, try listening to a lot more music, singing or going to a concert. Take long walks in the country, do gardening, buy some fresh flowers to put in your home, spend time with animals – you will be feeding your spirit.


  • Try spending 10 – 15 minutes each day during this lesson, where you answer to know one else but yourself. Make this your special time to do the things that feed your spirit. If you have the luxury of free time then you can have an hour or two to yourself. Whether it is 10 minutes or an hour, it will do wonders for your spirit and for you.  Feeding your spirit will help you to grow spiritually and help to raise your vibration to a higher level – giving you, easier access to your spirit guides and angels. It will also help to open up your psychic intuition.


  • Seeing your Spirit – Sit or lay quietly somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Put on some soft, relaxing and soothing music. Light a candle or two if you like. Shut your eyes and take 6 deep slow breaths in and out.


Quiet your mind and try not to think of anything, let yourself completely relax. I find that the perfect place to have complete peace and quiet and to get relaxed is in the bath. In your mind ask, “My spirit what do you look like? Please show me what you look like?”


Wait and see what images pop into your mind. Do not force the images to appear, just let them come naturally. You may see a horse, a glowing ball of light, an open field; you may see a sun or even a butterfly or a musical note. Do not judge the images just accept what you receive.


Stay calm and let your mind take over, what happens? Where do you go? What do you do? – E.g. you may see yourself upon a horse. What colour is the horse, are there any markings, where does the horse take you? What are your surroundings like? Are you in a familiar place or a place you have never been before?


It may take a few attempts before any images come to you. It took me 4 different tries on different days before I could see my dove. Do not give up heart or give up trying. The images will come to you.


Write down what happened and what you saw. Try to add as much detail as possible. Keep doing this exercise at least once every day. You do not have to be completely relaxed to do it. You can do the exercise while cooking dinner, cleaning the house, walking to work etc.


Each time you do this exercise the images will become clearer and will change a little each time. Notice the subtle differences each time you do this exercise. I was doing the exercise for about 4 weeks before I noticed that the angels began to appear in my visions.


Just as it is important for us to connect with and recognize our own unique spirits, it is just as easily as important to learn to recognize the unique spirits of all living things. When we learn to recognize the spirits and energy of all living things it helps us to better sense and feel our angels presences and unique vibrations. If we do not learn to recognize the vibrations and energy of all that is around us, then how will we recognize the angel’s vibrations and energy?


Learning to recognize the vibrations and energy of all living things helps you to build stronger relationships with others. It helps you to see beyond the physical body and see what is deep down inside. It will help you to be more understanding of others, more aware of what is around you and help to rebuild and strengthen your relationships.


(When I first tried recognizing the spirits of my loved ones I began to see my friends and family in a different light. Even though I thought I knew them well, I began to notice things I had not noticed before. I learnt what they needed to help them grow. 


I discovered that my daughter Monique’s spirit was a gentle spirit who needed a lot of affection and care. Her spirit was creative, imaginative, earthy and inventive. She needed arts and crafts to help her spirit grow. She also needed to spend a lot of time in nature.


When ever she seemed down in the dumps and would not talk about why she felt the way she did,  I knew that a lot of cuddles, or a trip to the park or woods, would help raise her energy levels and help her to open up more about how she was feeling.


My other daughter Kristi has a fiery spirit, it is independent, strong willed, and out going. I found that if she was unable to do things on her own she would become irritable, grumpy and a bit of a handful. Her spirit needs independence and she needs to be able to do things on her own.


My husband David’s spirit is fussy, moody, musical, empathic and funny, competitive and sporty. My husband needs to be writing songs and listening to music to help feed his spirit.


He needs to have a good moan each day as this feeds his spirit too, if he does not have a good moan about something or the other then he becomes quiet or irritable. He needs enjoys making people laugh as this feeds his spirit and makes him feel appreciated and respected.)


What do the spirits of your loved ones look like?


This exercise is the same as when you tried to see what your spirit looked like. You do the exact same thing as you did when trying to see what your spirit looked like, except this time try it on your loved ones.


(When I tried to see what the spirits of my loved ones looked like I discovered so much more about them. I began to see my loved ones as they truly are. I saw my husband’s spirit as a lion.


His spirit is brave, strong, compassionate, fussy and moody, unpredictable, empathic and intelligent. I felt that his spirit helps to bring others peace of mind. His spirit understands how others feel. His spirit helps to keep things in order and is fair and considerate.


I saw Monique’s spirit as a beautiful golden sun that was shining bright. I felt that her spirit loves to bring joy to the world. Her spirit warms others hearts and can turn any dull day into a happy and positive day. Her spirit is caring, has healing qualities and is fun and playful.


I saw Kristi’s spirit as a bright colourful rainbow. I felt that her spirit brings so many different surprises to the world. Her spirit brings laughter, fun, and love to everyone it meets. I felt that her spirit helps others to feel at ease and helps to ease pain and sadness.)


Recognizing the Spirits of your Pets


Recognizing the spirits of your pets is just as important as it helps you to better care for your pets needs. You will learn more about your pets and know what your pet needs to make him / her a happy pet. Learning to recognize the spirit in every living thing helps to raise you vibration to the spirit realm, it also help you to be more in tune with those around you – which will help you to better understand and help others.


I have a friend of mine named Sarah who has never been able to get on with animals. She wants to like them more but has a phobia with them. She brought a cat (Boo) for her children when they were younger, but will not let the Boo come near her. She will feed him and let him out and that is it!


After she did this exercise she found that she began to see her Boo in a different light. She came to me one day and said that she felt awful as she could feel Boo’s sadness, almost as though he knew how she felt about him.


A week after doing the exercises Sarah went out and brought a new collar for Boo with his name on it. She now spends a lot more time with him and actually admitted that she does now like him. She said that thanks to the exercises she now appreciates Boo more and realizes what a gentle and kind natured cat he is.


Boo is a happier cat that he gets more attention and gets what feeds his spirit and Sarah, does not feel so freaked out any more each time Boo comes near her.


Recognizing the spirits of your plants


Recognizing the spirit of your plants is just as important as recognizing the spirits of yourself, family and friends and your pets.


This is another story about my friend Sarah. You see Sarah loves plants but had never been very green fingered. Every plant she owns dies with in weeks of her having it. This frustrated Sarah and stopped her from keeping plants in her home and garden.


After doing the recognizing the spirits of your plants exercises she found her confidence to try and keep plants returned. She discovered that she was not giving her plants the things they needed to feed their spirits.


For example, she had two plants that she loved dearly but they did not look very healthy at all. One of the plants stayed in her lounge and the other was in her hall way. 


Once she discovered the two plants spirits and realized what it was that fed their spirits, she discovered that the plant in the lounge needed more light so she moved it into the hall way – where there was a lot more light because of a large window.


The plant in the hall way needed more shade, so she moved that plant into the lounge.

Both plants are now doing very well and are healthier than they have ever been. Sarah has now started growing her own vegetables, has hanging baskets and has more plants in doors.


All plants are doing very well and her garden looks lovely – I always say that her garden looks like a fairy tale garden. She can now do gardening and work with plants as it is something that she loves and feeds her spirit, where before she could not.


Exercises to help us to recognise the energy and vibration all around us


Recognizing the Spirits of your loved ones....


Sit quietly and alone where you can not be disturbed. Get a pen and paper and write down what you think your loved ones spirits are like. Think about what type of person they are. Are they a caring person, a jealous person, angry or happy person, are they musical, creative, troublemaker, joker? – write these things down.

Ask some of your closest friends and family members how they see that person. You will be surprised as you may find out things about that person that you did not know or realize.


Questionnaire – Please fill out the questionnaire as honestly as possible…


  1. Choose 3 people: What are your chosen 3 peoples spirits like?
  2. What do you feel feeds these 3 peoples spirits?
  3. What do you think these 3 people’s spirits look like?
  4. What do you feel these 3 people’s life purpose is?
  5. Do you think that these people are feeding their spirit properly?
  6. Have you learnt anything new about these 3 people?


Recognizing what your loved ones Spirits look like....


Sit or lay quietly somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Put on some soft, relaxing and soothing music. Light a candle or two if you like. Shut your eyes and take 6 deep slow breaths in and out. Quiet your mind and try not to think of anything, let yourself completely relax.


In your mind ask, “What does the spirit of ............. look like?”

Wait and see what images pop into your mind. Do not force the images to appear, just let them come naturally. You may see a horse, a glowing ball of light, an open field; you may see a sun or even a butterfly or a musical note. Do not judge the images just accept what you receive.


Recognizing the Spirit of your Pets...


Go over to each of your pets and hold your pet in your arms and stoke them, shut your eyes notice what feelings, thoughts, images come to you. Get a pen and paper and write down what came to you. Write down what you felt your pets spirits are like. Does your pet feel happy, sad, free or lonely? Is your pet mischievous, jokey, fussy or playful?


Write down what you felt your pet needs to help feed their spirit. Does your pet need more cuddles and love or less, is your pet in a happy place and is their spirit getting what it needs to thrive?


Questionnaire – Please fill out the questionnaire as honestly as possible…


1.      What does your pet’s spirit feel like?

2.      What do you feel your pet needs to feed its spirit?

3.      What makes your pet happy and content?

4.      What makes your pet sad?

5.      What does your pet’s spirit look like?


Recognizing the Spirits of your Plants....


Go over to each of your house plants and some of your out door plants. Touch the plant, shut your eyes notice what feelings, thoughts, images come to you. Get a pen and paper and write down what came to you.


Write down what you felt your plants spirits are like. Does your plant feel happy, sad, free or lonely? Write down if you noticed or felt any differences between the indoor plants and the out door plants. Then try to do the same with a healthy plant and a plant that is dying. Write down the differences that you felt between the two plants.


Questionnaire – Please fill out the questionnaire as honestly as possible…


1.      What does each plants spirit feel is like?

2.      What do the plants need to feed their spirits?

3.      What do the plants spirits look like?

4.      What do the plants not need too much of?

5.      What does the energy of all around you feel like?

6.      Can you feel a tress energy and spirit?

7.      What does the trees spirit feel like?

8.      Hug a tree then describe how it feels to hug a tree and connect with nature?

9.      Hold a non living item and describe how does the item’s energy feel like?

10.  Can you feel any energy from this item?

11.  How is it different from the tree’s energy?


As with all of these exercises, it may take you a few attempts before anything comes to you. Do not give up though – keep trying and you will begin to feel the energy and spirit of your plants and loved ones.


All of the lessons that we have done so far are all preparing us for the stage, where we can begin to meet our angels. These lessons are designed to raise your vibration to a higher level and to open your psychic awareness and intuition, allowing you ready access to the angels.  

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