The Presence of Angels

September 10, 2012


The dramatic event was over in 20 minutes, but the before, during, and after was filled with Angels, in all the forms they come in.

It was a warmish day so after working for hours on the computer I took a garden clean-up break. There was a bucket of ashes from our wood stove sitting in the driveway and since it had been there a day, plus it had been cooling in the stove the day before, I picked it up to dump into the burn pile.

I heard, "But, it still may be hot so wait another day or put water on it."

Angel Idea.

I listened, put the bucket down, and went about the rest of the gardening. As I was walking back into the house, I saw the bucket, but was so focused on starting dinner; I forgot the original Angel Idea message, and this time dumped the ashes into one of the compost containers beside the house.

Heading inside I heard, "They may still be hot, so dump some water into the bin."

Angel Idea.

I heard it, and immediately forgot it because I was thinking about something else.

Four hours later, I heard, "Shut down the computer early and go read." Angel Idea. I listened and headed into the bedroom.

Within in seconds there was a huge whoosh! The window outside the bedroom lit up with a bright orange and red light. Opening the door, I saw the compost bin on fire with flames pouring from it higher than the house.

Having taken the hoses down, and emptied the water barrel because of the coming frosts there was no outside water so I rushed into the kitchen, filled the biggest pan with water, ran outside, dumped it on the fire, and realized that it was something I could put out if I just kept moving.

Since I found I couldn't dial 911 and get water at the same time, this was an Angel Idea as a message to me.

Returning from the kitchen with the third bucket of water, I found a teenage boy standing in the bedroom ready to help. His mom was outside and had the fire department on the phone.

People Angels.

Driving by they had seen the whoosh and stopped to help. Within the next 15 minutes, two police officers and a fire truck showed up.

All acting as Angels.

It was all over in 20 minutes. The compost bin (the one I didn't like anyway) had melted into a big lump and chunk of siding on the house had melted, but no one was hurt, and very little damage was done.

The woman and her son moved back into the night as gracefully as they came, and I never found out their name so I could thank them for their help, but I never will forget them.

Sometimes Angels appear as ideas and messages, and sometimes as people, but they are always present. The question is, are we listening and then acting on them?

Yes, I heard the Angel Idea to put water in the compost bin, but didn't act on it because my thoughts were elsewhere. I was busy. I was projecting into the future.

Listen and act immediately - the first lesson here and an Angel Idea. The second Angel Idea is to learn the lesson and then let go.

Yes, I spent some time berating myself for being so careless, and projecting what might have happened.

No one was doing it but me. The police officers, the firefighters, the woman and her son, and my husband were all comforting. I was the one doing all the "what if's" and feeling terrible about it.

However, I knew that staying there would be even more damaging than any fire could ever be.

Moving thought into the Truth of being is always the Angel Idea and action to take. The carelessness and result was never part of the experience of the divine.

To benefit from any lesson is to move up and away from it, and not to carry it as a burden or weapon.

A few weeks before this incident, while shopping in the store, I found a coupon for what I was buying tucked beside it. I was profoundly moved by the idea that provision, as an Angel person, had left it there for whoever needed it. I have often done this, but had never experienced it for myself.

I was amazed what an impact it made on me in the moment and through the coming weeks.

Sometimes we forget that Angel Ideas are present in every detail of our lives because we become so caught up in the small things in life that keep us from hearing them and taking action.

We get to choose which path to take, too busy to listen and take action, or present in the now.

As each of us provide for others in big and small ways we are Love in action, we are the Angels of God's presence, and the gratitude that whelms up in the recipient is a window into the grace that is Love.

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