Start an Angel Circle

Find between 2 – 12 people who are interested in Angels and who would like to work and connect with their angels. Make sure you feel completely comfortable with the people you choose to join your circle. If there is any bad feeling between any of the members then, your circle will not be positive or successful. Find a day and time that best suits everyone for meetings –make sure that this is a day and time that people can make each week - for example if your first meeting is on a Wednesday at 2pm then, make sure that you meet on Wednesdays and 2pm each week.

It is best to try and meet at least once each week or once every two weeks. If someone is unable to attend one week for various reasons then, wait until that person is free again before you meet for the next meeting. Just as it is important to have a specific day and time to meet each week, it is also important to have a specific meeting place. Find a place which everyone in the circle is happy with to meet, and then meet at this same place each week. The reason for having a specific time, day, all member there and place to meet (that stays the same each week), is because you are creating a positive energy by having these meetings.

Our angels will know that these days and times are good times to connect with you as well as pass on messages. Please don’t get me wrong as they will always come through regardless of the day or time. It is just good to keep a routine for all involved – like having a regular appointment or class to attend each week.

Your angels will also see this as their special time where they can truly connect with you. These meetings are special, sacred and so not to be missed unless in the case of a true emergency. Make sure that the people you have invited to join your circle are 100% committed to this. Share with them how vital it is that they try to attend each meeting. Let them know that by missing a meeting it is breaking the positive energy that you are building up each week, and in turn this will slow down your development connection process.

Remember that this is your angel circle and that it is your responsibility to make sure that people do not forget about each meeting date. If there are issues in the group that you are not happy with, then you have every right to deal with these issues, mention them to the others or ask people to leave the group.

Start each group meeting by saying a short prayer to the Archangels. Ask for their protection and guidance during the meeting. Once you have said the prayer then comes the next important step of grounding yourselves. You could do the ground, centre and shield exercise or find one that everyone feels comfortable with.

Try to not drink any alcohol or eat anything for at least an hour before each meeting, as this is meant to block the connection with spirit. This is completely up to you and everyone has different beliefs on this – personally I find that drinking or eating does not make any difference to the connection, I always still get a strong connection even if I have eaten and been drinking. So please know that this is optional and is completely up to you.

Make each meeting personal to you and your members. These are only guide lines and ideas on how you could run your angel circle. If you feel that a different approach or method works best for you then by all means do things in your own way. Each circle needs to be personal to those attending and everyone needs to feel comfortable with the layout.

Ask people to share any questions that they may have. These could be questions on the angels, personal development, help or life questions. All try to help and guide one another the best you can. If no one knows the answer then make a written and mental effort to research the answer and share it in the next meeting. You may want to sing or play a few spiritual songs if this helps everyone to feel more at peace and filled with love. This is entirely up to you and the members of your circle.

All sit in a circle and one by one share any angelic experiences that you may have had that week. Also talk about each persons gifts and how their development is going. It is important that each person has the chance to share their experiences and express them selves.

Now put on some soothing music and try to do a relaxation meditation to help raise your vibrations and get you in the feel for spiritual and healing work. You may do the meditation yourself or use a guided meditation cd. You could do one or as many meditations as you like. Find one that best suits each member of the circle and that truly helps you to all relax.

Once you have done the meditation then all sit in a circle again. You can now do angelic creative projects, exercises, healing work, angel readings on one another, work with crystals, meditations,  yoga, singing or dancing - do things that are angelic, spiritual and that feeds each members spirit.

Make your circle time fun, inspiring and enjoyable. Each week you could do something different at your angel circle or find a few favourites to do each week along with a few new ones. You could even get each member of the circle to think up some new and interesting things to do at each meeting. Make your circle personal to you and its members.

Finish off the meeting by saying the below short prayer (or create your own prayer.) “We would like to thank the Archangel Michael for your protection and support. Thank you for watching over each and every one of us at this meeting. We would like to also thank all of our angels and our heavenly father too for your love, support and messages. We look forward in meeting again next …………… at our next meeting.”

Now do the relaxation meditation again but just before you do say this short prayer, “Archangel Michael, we call upon you now. Please help to ground each of us present here today. Please place a bubble of protection around each and everyone of us. Thank you.” It is important that we ground ourselves and ask for this protection as it helps to keep us balanced and protected. Once you have done the relaxation meditation and prayer then the meeting will end until the next week.

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