Other Angelic Helpers


I thought that I would take this time to share with you more information and knowledge about angels and all the other types of angels that help us on a day to day basis. I hope that you will find the following information to be helpful and interesting.


The Various Types of  Angels...


Ministry of Angels

The Ministry of Angels is a band of angels (also know as the band of mercy angels) whose purpose is to serve God by helping and guiding us 24/7. These angels find much happiness in showering us with special gifts and surprises, bringing joy and love into our lives, helping to make our lives more easy and joyful and inspiring us to use and find pleasure in all of our senses.


The Ministry of Angels are constantly at our back and call. They want to serve us as to serve us is to serve God. They help us in every area of our lives and on a day to day basis. These angels draw blessings into our lives. They sprinkle love and light to the world. They are angles filled with heavenly light and love and all they want is for you to be happy, supported and to feel loved.


Each day try saying this short prayer to thank the Ministry of Angels for their love and support and to feel their presence in your life…


“Ministry of Angels, I thank you for all that you do. Thank you for all the blessings you send my family and me each day. I ask that you will please oversee all that I do. Please help to make them easy, magical, fun, rewarding and filled with love and gifts thank you.” (This is just an example - you can make the prayer personal to you.)


Nature and Animal Angels


Nature angels are angels who look after the earth, plants, trees, animals and they help us to connect with nature. They help to keep the earth protected and safe as well as balanced. They inspire us to care for the earth and animals, to pick up our litter in stead of just lazily chucking it on the ground, to help an animal or plant who is in need and to respect and appreciate the world around us.


There are many different names for all of the nature and animal angels as people around the world call then by various names. The most common is Fairies. There are also a variety of different types of nature angels who each deal in specific areas. Some of these are elves, pixies, mermaids, unicorns, devas, Mother Nature and so fourth.


These angels do not look like the cartoon drawings of fairies, mermaids, unicorns, elves and so on. They are completely different! People around the world call these angels by many different names. These angels have been sent to watch over the planet and their important purpose is to protect, balance and nurture our planet. Why not try and do some of your own research in to all the various types of nature and animal angels.


Here is a little something you could try saying each day when you are out and about in nature. You will feel the love and support all around you when you say this as your spirits will rise and you will feel well with in.


“I call upon all of the nature and animal angels and fairies. I ask that you will please surround my family and I with you heavenly love and light. Thank you.”


Relationship Angels


These are guides and angels who help us with our relationships of all kinds. The relationship spirit guides may have been people who once worked in a profession such as marriage and relationship counselling, or were good at helping others with various relationships and friendships.


The angels are relationship experts and know how best to help each person. Call upon the relationship angels and guides if you need help with your relationships, be it marriage, partners, children, professional, friendship, school, with your pets and family, or any kind of relationship help that you may need.


I call upon the relationship angels and guides, I ask that you will please help me with my relationship with ………………… Please send healing love and light to this relationship and help us to resolve any personal issues, conflicts, angers or fears. Thank you.” (Make your little prayer personal to you – this is just an example.)


Angelic Baby Sitters


Angelic baby sitters are angels who watch over our children, guide them on the right path, teach them valuable life lessons and keep them protected. Call on the angelic baby sitters to watch over your children each day.


“I call upon Heavenly angelic baby sitters and I ask that you will please surround my children / child with a bubble of angelic protection. Please surround their bubbles of protection and be their personal baby sitters. Please guide my children on the right path in life and keep them safe, happy and protected always. Thank you.” (Make your little prayer personal to you – this is just an example.)


Chef Angels


These are angels and guides who love to help us out in the kitchen. The spirit guides may have been Chef’s or cookery book authors when they were once living. They have chosen to help others to cook up gorgeous meals and to explore foods in a different light.


Call upon your Chef Angels and guides next time you cook dinner or a tasty treat. They will be only too happy to help out where they can. If you have a favourite Chef, person whom you admired the way they cook, or cookery book author who is in the spiritual realm then you can call upon them to help you with cooking.


“I call upon my highest level Chef Guides and angels. I ask that you will please help me with my cooking tonight. Please help me to make a meal that will bring great joy to those who eat it. Thank you.” (Make your little prayer personal to you – this is just an example.)


I love having the help of my chef guides and angels while cooking. I ask for their help each time I cook. I can always feel their warm and comforting presence around me. What I love the most is that I can feel how happy they are to be working with me in the kitchen. These guides and angels love to cook and love to help you out and shower you with inspiration.


Creative Angels


These are angels and guides who are creative and love to help us with painting and being creative. The creative spirit guides may have been professional artists, taught art, may have worked as a decorator, landscape artist or in other creative areas. Call upon your creative guides and angels to help you with any creative project you do or even just to inspire you to be more creative. You can call upon someone famous whom you respect if you like.


“I call upon my highest level creative angels and guides and I ask that you will please inspire me to be more creative. Please help me with my creative work. Thank you.” (Make your little prayer personal to you – this is just an example.)


Mechanic Angels


These angels and guides are here to help you with your car problems or any other mechanical problems or issues. The Mechanic Guides may have been mechanics when they were living or werer experienced in the field.


“I call upon my highest level Mechanic angels and guides. Please help me with ……………… Thank you.” (Make your little prayer personal to you – this is just an example.)


Angels of Communication


These angels and guides work wonders with communication. They can help us to get the right messages across to the ones that they are intended for. They help to mend broken phones or mobiles, they help us to get in touch with people we are trying to get hold of and help us to communicate properly and freely. They help us in our meetings, work place, schools with families and friends. If you need any kind of communicational help then these are the angels to call upon.


“I call upon my highest level communication angels and guides. I ask that you will please help me ……………………………………. Thank you.” (Make your little prayer personal to you – this is just an example.)


Light Beings


Light Beings are angels made of pure light. These beings are extremely powerful and their soul purpose to send love and light to all of creation. These beings radiate heavenly light and help to inspire us to reach out to others and make a difference in the world we live in. They work with us to be more compassionate and loving. They send healing to all living things. They are the Emissaries of the Third Ray.


Light Beings help us to evolve spiritually and they pass on great secrets to us about the universe and our spiritual growth. Their purpose is to also help us to find greater understanding and to learn to heal ourselves as well as others and our planet. Light Beings help to guide and support us through the ever changing times here on earth. They prepare us for what is to come and help us to open our hearts to all the angelic and spiritual love we are surrounded in.


As you can see we have angels for all the various areas of our lives. We have music angels and guides who help us with song writing, singing and music. We have angels who assist us with photography, exercising and fitness, dreams and meanings, with our studies and schooling, with acting and theatre and so forth. These angels are here to guide us, protect and heal us each and every day of our lives. The Lord God loves us so very much that he has blessed us with many angelic and spiritual helpers.

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