We are all guided by angels whether we realise or not, yes even the skeptics. So what are angels? Angels are messengers from the spirits, they are not of form, that is they do not have a shape and are not spirits of the dead. Angels are androgynous pure spirit and are messengers from God. When you pray the angels take the messages therefore praying to the angels or God makes little difference.

Angels are within most if not all cultures in the world and are mentioned more in the Koran that in the bible. You do not need to be religious to understand angels or ask angels for help as God is one regardless of what religion or belief you have.

You may have heard of the seventh heaven or the seventh dimension. This is where angels exist. They are on a much higher frequency than humans therefore are well beyond the human range of hearing and sight.

With a few exceptions angels have never been physical. That is they are not incarnated from humans or other living creatures as we understand them. However, there have been times that angels do appear in human form and in fact other forms such as animals.

For example there are stories where people have been in trouble and there has been help appear from nowhere and then simply disappear afterwards. You can find stories pertaining to this all over the internet.

Angels also provided messages via your senses. You may smell something that is not in existence in your environment, sense a presence, feel a draft and there are not doors and windows open. This is nothing to fear contrary to many stories. In fact it you should try and embrace and "listen" as there may be a message for you albeit convoluted.

Angels have Divine Will not free will so they are only able to assist us if we request their help. In saying this they are sometimes able to influence our thought and actions and in some rare circumstances when we are in deep trouble like in an accident and it is not our time to die.

As angels are on a higher frequency that we are it is difficult for them to lower their frequency to ours. To assist in fixing this we must raise our vibrational levels. To do this we need to learn to relax and be calm. This is easier said than done but can be achieved through the eating of wholesome foods, music and meditation.

The other method to get the messages we need to ask for an intermediary for assistance. These are people who have achieved enlightenment and are gifted with the ability to take messages for you and pass them on. They will also assist you in how to receive the messages and guidance from your angels.

Guardian angels are angels that every single one of us has. They stay with us throughout our lifetime. Other angels assist us as we require them for certain situations and changes within our life.

Getting messages from your angels is as simple as asking for guidance but for many this may be a little tough. Angelkate offers assistance in getting the messages you need. For more information:

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