In the year and half, that I have been working with the angels, on an almost a daily basis, it has come to me, that the angels, aren't always serious in their communication. They truly like to laugh, and they like us to laugh, along with them. Sometimes, they make fun of themselves, in a way that makes us understand their message a bit easier. The other day, I had heard a message about symbols. There were three symbols mentions: butterflies, and rainbows, and moonbeams.

This is the message, I had received:

The angels want us to know, "We also have a sense of humor and a lot of our messages are given with a sense of humor. For laughter and joy, are so good for you. When using your sense of humor, you feel much lighter, You feel that you may even begin to smile or laugh out loud. We are all for laughing out loud, too. It clears our mood and we feel understood, even if it is a bit silly at times. We ask you to not be afraid to let the humor come through. We love to laugh too, and laugh with you, too. May your angels on the moonbeams, be with you in the form of butterflies, as they fly through the rainbow, today. Angel blessing to all.

It's not slapstick comedy, but it does make you smile. I feel they do use their sense of humor, to help us keep things a bit lighter. And not to be so serious, all of the time. There is a lot going on in our world, A lot of it, is very serious for us to be concerned about. I feel they like to help us not to feel all the heaviness, that has been around all of us,

I had asked the angels the many ways, we can keep things a bit lighter for us. They had some really good ideas, for all of us to consider.

• Read a book that is funny or try writing a funny story

• Be with children and just play with them, be silly like they are being silly

• Write about the something that was really funny to you at the time

• Read a book of jokes

• Watch comedians perform that you enjoy listening to.

• Watch movies that are funny to you

• Being with old friends, and having good conversation; the kind that has you laughing for hours

• Cleaning your house to music like the oldies songs.. The house will get cleaner a lot faster.

The angels state that to be in a continually depressed or blah moo, is not good for anyone. Looking to partake events that lift your mood, is a way to keep life in balance. The angels want to say; that they love helping and seeing us smiling and laughing.. Let your inner child come through. So many of us forge,t what the inner child is truly like. The inner child may be sad, or angry, or hurt in some way, but he secretly wants to be happy, and forgiving. Let your inner child come out gracefully, and let him feel what its like to laugh, and to be child like again.

The angels are not talking about being irresponsible,or mean, they are talking about letting the sadness, or the hurt, or what is making your heart heavy, to lift it with doing an activity, where you find yourself smiling again.

I know for me, when I am feeling heavy about something, the last thing I want to do, is to be in activities that are full of humor, or being silly. When I find time for myself to have time for me, like reading a favorite book, or listening to soothing music,. or meditation for a short time. This time top regroup helps me to become more of who I am. I am much more willing to let my inner child out a bit more. Taking care of yourself is most important. Letting yourself laugh, a really big belly laugh, makes the angels really happy because they know how happy you are.

They say to be deprived of laughter, or humor, can be very disheartening. They say laughter, in many ways, is food for the heart. Humor can help you to move forward, in a way that is positive for you. is my URL for my site Angelical Whispers

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