“Every blade of grass has it’s own little angel saying, ‘grow, grow, grow “..Talmud


A heavenly spirit assigned by God to watch over each of us during our lives. The doctrine of angels is part of the Church's tradition. The role of the guardian angel is both to guide us to good thoughts, work and words, and to preserve us from evil. Psalm 91: 10-12...

Angels are emanations of God, just as sunbeams are to the sun. From the moment of birth, there is an angel waiting to take its place by our side. Do they hear our prayers? Do they feel what we feel?

Angels are around us. They surround us. If we learn to seek their assistance, gladly they will come to our aid. Angels are a link between our human realm and the divine. Angels do not belong to any particular religious belief. We can not see them, but we can feel the energy that pervades in their presence.

Angels are purely spiritual beings with no physical form. When they were created, God granted them free will, immortality and divine intelligence. Their task is to sustain the universe.

The angels are free from the restrictions of time and space. They can be anywhere at anytime because they are multi- dimensional. They are not constrained nor restrained by time and space. It is believed that angels travel faster than the speed of light.

Angels are trusted with the task of looking after the whole of creation; from the animal kingdom, the plants and minerals, the planets, the earth, the wind, and stars. To every living creature, there is an angelic presence.

Angels are fascinated with man’s ability to invent and to create equipment, machinery, gadgets and toys to meet man’s needs and also for pleasure.

When we open ourselves to the angelic realm, we open ourselves to deeper spirituality and inner development. Communication with angels encourages us to develop intuitively in order to be able to decode their message. Meditation helps us to navigate through the negative blocks that hinder our inner development and our peace of mind. Meditation helps us find the path to love and joy, which is the ultimate message the angels wish to give us.

In our cluttered and harried world, we need a moment of quiet and go deep within ourselves. This is the best time to connect with the angels. They inspire us to reach for a higher level of love, peace, harmony and align ourselves with the Divine. Angels can only help us if we ask them. This does not mean that they will deny us help in moments of great need. Think of a time when you did something without thinking that actually saved you. There was an angel by your side!

Angels bring us peace and comfort. When they reach out to us, we feel the divine within us. It is a reminder that our physical selves are sacred temples of the divinity we share with our Creator.

Rudolf Steiner, a German philosopher and scientist, had a deep love and understanding of angels. According to him, angels communicate with us through images, thus we need to develop our imagination and intuition to be able to decode angelic messages.

We need to acknowledge their presence around us. Angels help us to make better choices, so that our words, thoughts and actions are in alignment with our higher selves and best interest without compromise. Angels assist us to find our deeper selves and be able to express it through creative pursuits, help us feel the joys of love, enjoy the serenity that comes with inner peace.

With a calmer state of mind, problems are not as overwhelming. We can see through the maze with clarity. Life flows.

Angels are there for us when we feel alone. Angels are there when there is no one to reach out to. Call out to an angel who’ll be there to give comfort and solace.

At times when danger is imminent, an angel is there to warn us, to protect us and keep us safe. There is always an angel by our side.