1. A: There are three main reasons why we should keep ourselves grounded and protected on a daily basis. These are as follows…

    Psychic Attack – Psychic Attack is caused by a build up of negative energy and emotions. Every thing around us is made up of pure energy and this includes our emotions. When we have a heated discussion or augment with another person, we become angry and emotional. The whole time we are arguing we become more and more angry. This anger is all negative energy building up. This negative energy has to go somewhere as it needs to be released. What happens next is that all of this negative energy is directed straight to the person that you are angry with and visa versa. This negative energy is so strong that it can cause both yourself and others to experience pain, depression, emptiness, sadness, become with drawn and angry, lonely and emotional. Psychic Attack can also be sent to both you and others just by thinking negatively of yourself or another person, by talking negatively about another person behind their backs, and by thinking negatively about your life. Psychic Attack can be extremely harmful and cause both yourself and others a great deal of pain and suffering. This is why it is so important to try and learn to keep yourself protected as well as change your thought pattern from negative to positive.

    Picking up on others emotions and energy

    In our every day lives we pick up on other peoples energies and emotions. If you are around someone with negative emotions, then these negative emotions can be put upon yourself - you are like a sponge sucking up the other person’s negative emotions and energy. This leaves you feeling drained, depressed, ill, tied and you will carry around with you the emotions that the other person was experiencing. Each day we run the risk of picking up on not only other people’s emotions and energy, but also on the energy of all that is around us. Have you ever visited a house or certain place and was left feeling angry, depressed, ill or out of sorts for the rest of the day? Or have you ever walked into a shop or building and felt very uncomfortable? The reason that you are experiencing these emotions is because you are picking up on the energy of the buildings or places that you are visiting. You can pick up energy just from walking down the street, being around people or entering various buildings or places. Have you ever started talking to someone in the street or a friend and found that, once that person left you felt drained or depressed and continued to feel this way for the rest of the day? You have wondered why you are feeling these emotions. Why you are feeling this way is because you have picked up on the other persons emotions and feelings. This is why it is important for us to keep grounded and protected each day.

    Spiritual Attachment

    A spiritual attachment is when a spirit entity attaches it’s self to you. This can happen while performing spiritual and psychic work, walking into a store or down the street, in your home or work place or at any time in your life. This spirit entity will attach it’s self to you and drain you of your energy. You will begin to feel drained, depressed, angry, weak, tied, and sick or could even pick up on the emotions of the spirit that is attached to you. If the spirit is angry and resentful then you may begin to feel this way too. Or if the spirit is terrified then you too may begin to feel afraid and terrified. Another form of attachment which is very common is the attachment of emotions, the past, situations in your life and addictions. You may have experienced a hard and painful childhood. Negative energy from your childhood may have attached it’s self to you, which makes it difficult for you to move forward with your life today or leaves felling ill for years with out any cause of the illness. You may spend years feeling depressed and not knowing why – it is because of this negative attachment that is attached to you.