1. There are many different Archangels around us and helping us on a daily basis. Each Archangel has a special purpose and jobs that they do. I will talk to you through each Archangels special purpose and jobs in the next section of this lesson. The Archangels are God’s most important messengers and they love for us to call upon them for help, as to serve us is to serve God. One important rule that you should always remember is to not worship the Archangels. The Archangels want for us to only worship God. They are helping us as they are following God’s will. It is the Lord who allows these heavenly beings to assist us and watch over us. The Lord is our heavenly father and we are his children. He allows the Archangels to watch over us and keep us protected because he only wants what is best for us. We are his children and like any parent our father loves each of us. It breaks his heart when we sin or disobey him. It breaks his heart when he sees the way we treat each other and the plant – still his love for us is unconditional. 

    1. Lets Meet the Archangels

      Below are just a few of the Archangels please feel free to do some of your own research and find out other types of Archangels that are around us and helping us.

      *Archangel Michael

      The Archangel Michael is the first Archangel in command. Michael is fiery and passionate and is the patron of protection and love. He is also the patron of Police Officers. Michael is the highest angel in command and he carries with him a large flaming sword which he uses to ward of evil. Archangel Michael’s name means, “He who is as God.” Many people who have seen the Archangel Michael describe him as being very tall with tanned skin and golden blond hair. Archangel Michael is surrounded by such a powerful bright light that it makes him look as though is glowing. The Archangel Michael has a very strong and powerful presence – almost like a strong presence of authority. He helps to give us courage and strength, helps us over come our fears and he protects us. He helps lightworkers find their purpose in life and is just brilliant at fixing anything electronic. The Archangel Michael is the element of fire. Michael’s special purpose is to rid the world of negative energy, entities and all that is evil. He helps to keep our planet and ourselves protected and safe.

      Each Archangel and Angel has a unique light (Aura) that is associated to them. Some of us have the wonderful gift of being able to see our angel’s lights. Each and every one of us has the gift to learn to see our angel’s lights. All you need to do is be aware that you are surrounded by loving angels each day. Learn to sense the angel’s unique vibrations and learn to open your mind to what is all around you. Archangel Michael’s unique aura is a bright purple (almost cobalt blue). When you see bright purple or cobalt blue light around you or your loved ones, then you are seeing the Archangel Michael. Call upon the Archangel Michael when you feel afraid or in need of protection, or when making major life decisions. When you call on the Archangel Michael for help this moves you into action. Call on him when your life feels dull, boring, lacks excitement or love. Call on him when you need help with electrical goods or gadgets that do not work. Archangel Michael is a brilliant mechanic, plumber, IT, and is a genius at fixings anything that is broken or not working properly. Michael also helps to block out or remove viruses on our computers and stops hackers. He has healing qualities too and is good at helping us to find things – he is known as the Multi Purpose angel as he can help us in any area of our lives. The Archangel Michael will always be there to help, protect and guide you on your life’s path.

      * Archangel Gabriel

      The Archangel Gabriel is the element of water. He is in charge of governing our emotions and feelings; he helps to keep us calm and balanced and helps to boost our self confidence. The Archangel Gabriel is the patron of music and love. He is the bringer of good news and hope. The Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel and his presence is calm, soft and comforting. He helps to bring peace, love, joy and good tidings to the earth. Gabriel’s name means, “God is my strength,” “Man of God,” and “God has shown himself mightily.” The Archangel Gabriel is very feminine and is sometimes referred to as a woman angel because of how feminine he/she is. Archangel Gabriel helped the Prophet Daniel in interoperating his dreams and visions. He also brought good news about children and pregnancy to both Mary and Zachariah. Many people who have seen the Archangel Gabriel mention that you can see the silhouette of a silver eagle across his chest. This silver eagle moves and shimmers. He reminds many of the beautiful night’s sky as he shimmers and sparkles like a thousand stars. Many people believe that it is the Archangel Gabriel who will blow his horn announcing the second coming of Christ. Archangel Gabriel is also a wonderful teacher and he works a lot with spiritual teachers as well as all types of teachers. He assists teachers in teaching and helping others. Archangel Gabriel is also highly created and loves to help artists and people to be more creative. He showers us with creativity and inspiration. Archangel Gabriel’s aura is a dark yellow colour - copper. When you see dark yellow or copper light around you or in the form of a glowing dark yellow ball, then you know that Gabriel is watching over you and assisting you.

      You can call upon the Archangel Gabriel when you need help with communication, child birth and contraception, love and emotional issues and when performing or working with music. Archangel Gabriel works very closely with midwifes and those on the maternity wards. He also works very closely with songwriters, singers and musicians. If you are suffering from anxiety or low self confidence then Archangel Gabriel is the one to call upon for help. He helps to ease augments and bring peace to any situation.

      * Archangel Raphael

      The Archangel Raphael is the Archangel who is in control of healing. His essence is air. He helps us to re-energise our bodies, minds and spirits. He also helps us to be more creative and one with nature and our planet. Call upon the Archangel Raphael when you are in need of healing (body, mind and spirit) or if someone you love is ill and unwell, when you would like to re-spark your creative juices, when working on a project or creative endeavour and when you feel you need to be more inspired. The Archangel Raphael’s name means, “God Heals”. Archangel Raphael assists us with all types of healing and not just healing for illnesses. He helps to heal our self confidence, broken relationships, he helps to heal our chakras and auras, our minds and the planet. You can call upon the Archangel Raphael when you are performing healing work and when you do any type of healing work or education.

      Archangel Raphael works very closely with healers, doctors, nurses, vets and anyone who is a healer. Archangel Raphael is also known as the travelling angel as he helps us on our travels – short or long distance. Call on Archangel Raphael when doing any travelling or for protection on the roads. Archangels Raphael and Michael work very closely together helping us with travel and healing. Archangel Raphael’s aura is a gorgeous bright emerald green colour. When you see bright emerald green light then you know that Archangel Raphael is in your presence or is assisting you. Archangel Raphael does do most of his healing work on us when we are a sleep as it is then that we are more open to his healing. Before going to bed each night ask the Archangel Raphael to please heal your heart, body, mind and spirit while you sleep. You will find that you notice a massive difference in yourself when you wake in the morning.

      * Archangel Uriel

      The Archangel Uriel is the element of the earth. He is the multitasker Archangel and helps us to deal with many various issues at once. He is the Archangel who greets us at heavens door when we pass over. He is the patron of music and he brings us warning messages. The four Archangels mentioned most in the Bible are Archangels Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael and Michael. Archangel Uriel’s name means, “Fire of God,” “Light of God,” “Sun of God” and “Flame of God”. Archangel Uriel has the wonderful gift of being able to do many different things at once, and being able to do each thing perfectly. Call on Uriel if you need help multi tasking or when working on many different projects or issues at once. Archangel Uriel has been mentioned several times in the book of Enoch. Uriel is one of the seven Archangels that stand closest to God. He is also one of the 4 main Archangels to serve and work with humanity and our planet.

      Archangel Uriel also has a flaming sword just as Michael does. He helps us to overcome painful memories and situations in our lives, to release our burdens and pain and helps us in all areas of our lives. Archangel Uriel helps us to work on our spiritual paths and open our minds to higher consciousness. Uriel helps us to deal with the past and heal any scars that need healing. He also helps to bring peace and love to any situations. Call upon the Archangel Uriel when you need to heal scars left from the past or if you need to remember things – he is wonderful at helping us to remember important things. Call upon Archangel Uriel to help you on your spiritual path and guide you in the right direction. Archangel Uriel’s aura is a beautiful pale yellow. When you see pale yellow light or glowing balls around you then you know that Uriel is with you and assisting you. Uriel is the Archangel of wisdom and knowledge and he shares his knowledge and wisdom with us.

      * Archangel Raguel

      The Archangel Raguel is the police officer of the Archangels and has the important job of over seeing all of the Archangels and other heavenly angels. His job is to keep you in line and make sure that everything works and is running smoothly. His name means, “Friend of God”. He is also the Archangel of fairness and of justice. He helps to keep everything in order and helps to bring about fair outcomes. Archangel Raguel works very closely with police officers, lawyers, judges and people of the law. Call upon the Archangel Raguel when ever you feel threatened or under a great deal of pressure, when you would like a fair outcome in a situation, when dealing with the law or court cases and when someone is treating you unfairly. If you are being bullied then call upon Archangel Raguel to help sort out and deal with the bullies. You can also call on the Archangel Raguel to help keep order in your home, work place and school. If your children are misbehaving the call upon Uriel to help keep them in order.

      Archangel Raguel’s aura is a stunning aqua blue in colour. When you see aqua blue light around you or in the form of a mist, glowing ball or sparkling lights then you know that Raguel is helping you. Raguel helps us with our relationships and with dealing with unruly people. He helps us with our parenting and helps to keep our home happy. Archangel Raguel is wonderful at giving guidance and advice with any kind of relationship issue. Archangel Raguel is known as the Archangel of fairness, Harmony, Balance, Wisdom and Order.

      * Archangel Sariel

      The Archangel Sariel helps to keep people and situations in order. Like the Archangel Raguel you can also call on Sariel to help keep things in your life, home, workplace and school in order and organized. Archangel Sariel’s name means, “Command of God,” “Commandment of God” and “Gods Angelic Commander.” Archangel Sariel is a great healer and helps us to heal on all levels. Archangel Sariel helps those who are dealing with grief and death. He helps us with our passing from this world into the next. He works together with the Archangel Azrael to help guide us to heaven and make our passing painless and easy. Archangel Sariel is mentioned in the book of Enoch.

      Call upon Archangel Sariel if you need help over coming grief, pain, despair or if you are in need of healing. Call upon him to help guide your departed loved ones to heaven and help to ease the emotions of those suffering from loss. Archangel Sariel’s aura is a pale green and light gold colour. If you see pale green and light gold lights or colours around you then you know that the Archangel Sariel is helping you.

      * Archangel Remiel

      The Archangel Remiel is the Archangel of hope. Archangel Remiel is a very powerful angel and he also greets us at heavens door. He helps to prepare and calm people down before they pass over to the other side. His presence is of absolute calm and peace. He is loving and sensitive, calm and caring. His name means “Mercy of God.” Or “Thunder of God.” Archangel Remiel helps us with our Clairvoyance and in seeing divine messages. He helps people who are able to have prophectic dreams and visions - predicting the future. He helps to restore hope and faith on earth and in each of us. Archangel Remiel helps us on our spiritual paths and with psychic development. He works very closely with psychics, mediums, lightworkers and people who are developing their psychic gifts. He also helps us when we make important life decisions. He tries to guide us in the right direction so that we do not fall or get ourselves in trouble. Call upon Archangel Remiel for help while working on your spiritual path and with psychic development.

      Call upon Remiel for help in restoring your faith in yourself and others. If you are a lightworker then ask Archangel Remiel to please help you with your work. Ask him to help guide you and advice you each step of the way. Archangel Remiel also helps us to interoperate our dreams and find the hidden messages within our dreams. He helps to lift depression and anxiety as well as stress. Archangel Remiel also helps us to find meaning in our lives and helps us with our goals and ambitions. Archangel Remiel is mentioned in the books of Enoch and Revelations. His aura is a silvery white colour.

      *Archangel Ariel

      The Archangel Ariel’s name means, “lion” or “lioness of God.” Ariel is connected to the earth element. She works extremely hard to keep our planet balanced and whole. She oversees the elemental kingdom and is constantly helping people and animals alike. She is greatly connected to nature, animals and the earth. She is the Archangel of strength, courage and encouragement. She helps to give us strength and courage as well as encouragement in our lives. Call upon Archangel Ariel if you feel afraid, need encouragement or strength to face difficult situations and if you need a helping hand. Call upon the Archangel Ariel to help you become one with nature and to reconnect with nature, when working in nature or gardening, when working with animals and doing healing work. Also to help you become better acquainted with the fairies and to help with environmental concerns and issues. Archangel Ariel works very closely with people who care and work with the planet and animals.

      Archangel Ariel is highly feminine so is seen as a female angel. Like a lion she is courageous, daring, loyal and strong. Ariel helps with manifestations, divine magic, healing of our planet and in supporting each of us though various situations in our lives. She is the nature and animal guardian and her special purpose is to watch over all of nature. Archangel Ariel’s aura is a beautiful pale pink colour.

      * Archangel Azrael

      The Archangel Azrael’s name means “whom God helps.” His job is to help people who have passed over to feel loved, comforted and helps them to settle into the spiritual realm. He also helps spiritual teachers with their teachings. Archangel Azrael is the angel of death. Call upon the Archangel Azrael to help a loved one or family pet who has passed over to feel comforted and find their way. Also call upon Azrael if you are doing spiritual work. Ask him to help you with your spiritual work and teachings. The Archangel Azrael’s aura is beige. His light is the same colour as an egg. When you see beige lights around you then you are seeing the Archangel Azrael. He helps us when grieving and helps us to come to terms with the death of our loved ones. Archangel Azrel also helps us to heal from grief, depression, anger and pain. If you are grieving in any way be it from a passing of a loved one, a broken relationship or friendship, from depression or anxiety, from pain or suffering, then ask Azrael to help you heal.

      Archangel Azrael is also responsible for helping us to learn valuable life lessons and he assists us on our life path. He teaches us the art of forgiveness and in how to be better people. He teaches us how to live six sensory lives and how to connect better with those around us. He helps us to heal and deal with anger, pain, frustration, aggression and how to over come all obstacles in our way. He helps us to connect with our higher selves and in serving God.

      * Archangel Chamuel

      The Archangel Chamuel’s name means “he who sees God.” Chamuel (pronounced Sham-u-el). He is the finding angel and the angel of love who helps us to re-find our inner selves, find lost items, find our way when we get lost and he helps to find missing people and animals. Archangel Chamuel loves to help us find things that are of importance to us. Archangel Chamuel helps us to find out what our life’s purpose is and shows us how to fulfil our life purpose. The Archangel Chamuel helps us to find love and new friendships too. Archangel Chamuel assists us in healing ourselves and helps us to love who we are and to work on our confidence and strengths. Archangel Chamuel’s aura is soft pale green - like the colour of a new leaf in the spring.

      Call upon the Archangel Chamuel if you are looking for love and romance, if you are lonely and in need of a good friend. Call on him to help you discover who you are and what your life’s purpose is. You can also call on him to help you sort out any difficult areas of your life. Call on Chamuel if you need help in finding a new home, job, a missing person, pet or item, if you need help in finding the right school for your children or in finding peace with in.

      * Archangel Jophiel

      The Archangel Jophiel’s name means “beauty of God.” Jophiel is a highly creative angel and she helps us with all of creative endeavours. She also helps to keep things balanced in our lives and the planet. She loves to help us keep organized, clutter free and in beautifying our surroundings. She is very good at helping us to stay positive, net and tidy. Archangel Jophiel helps us to build our self confidence and believe in ourselves and our abilities more. She wants for us to feel confident with in and to learn to love ourselves and others more with out judgement. She is the Archangel of beauty, encouragement and illumination. She helps you to keep your thoughts positive and beautiful. Call upon the Archangel Jophiel to help you with your creative and artistic work. Ask for her help if your home or work place has become too cluttered and messy. Ask her to help sort out in issues in your life that need balancing and cleansing. Call upon Archangel Jophiel to help you over come self doubt or negativity. Archangel Jophiel’s aura is a bright fuchsia pink. When you see bright fuchsia pink light around you then you know that you are in her presence. Jophiel loves to help us with our gardens, house decorating, art work and in helping all of our relationships to be beautiful and peaceful.

      * Archangel Sandalphon

      The Archangel Sandalphon’s name means “brother” or “Messiah” The Archangel Sandalphon was once a human prophet (Elijah). His job is to help clear away any fear that we may have, as well as block out and clear away any negative energy or entities that surround us. He works along side the Archangel Michael helping to keep us protected and safe. Call upon the Archangel Sandalphon to help you over come your fears and phobias. If you feel that there is a negative energy or entity around you then ask Sandalphon to help clear that energy away.

      Archangel Sandalphon is said to be the tallest of all the Archangels. He is the angel of the earth and protector of the guardian spirit. Archangel Sandalphon helps us to connect with our inner selves, with our higher conscious and with our spirit guides. He helps us build a stronger connection to our guides and in meeting them. Because Sandalphon was one human he understands what it is like to be human. He guides and helps us in our every day lives and helps us to live our lives as God intended. Archangel Sandalphon’s aura is turquoise. He helps us to lighten up more and enjoy all that life has to offer. He helps us to appreciate the beauty of life and music. He helps to keep us balanced and in balancing work and play. Archangel Sandalphon helps to bring spice back into our lives and gives us inspiration and motivation. He is also the Archangel of music so he loves to help us with singing and playing music.

      * Archangel Metatron

      The Archangel Metatron’s name means “angel of the Presence.” He too was once human and walked upon the earth (the prophet Enoch). The Archangel Metatron’s job it to help children – both living and passed over. He helps children to open up spiritually and to behave and grow up healthy and well. He is our childrens personal body guard and protector. Archangel Metatron helps psychic children to understand what is happening to them and for them to move on the right path in life. Archangel Metatron also helps lightworkers, crystal children and earth angels. He helps people to understand each other more and to understand some of life’s greatest mysteries. Archangel Metatron is also reffered to as “Chancellor of Heaven.”

      Call upon the Archangel Metatron if you need any help with your children – be it bullying, depression, help them to behave, help them with health issues, sleeping issues, safety, eating habits and any other issues that you feel Metatron may be able to help. Archangel Metatron loves children and spends a great deal of time helping children in any way that he can. Archangel Metatron’s aura is green with dark pink specks. When you see green and dark pink light then you know that Metatron is around you and helping you. Archangel Metarton is the Archangel who helps us with self esteam issues and confidence. He also helps us to develop our psychic gifts, live spiritual lives and works with us on our spiritual path. He works especially closely with spiritual teachers.

      * Archangel Raziel

      The Archangel Raziel’s name means “secret of God.” The Archangel Raziel helps us to understand the secrets of life, our dreams and messages that are passed onto us. He loves mysteries and the revealing of our secret desires. Call upon the Archangel Raziel if you need help interoperating your dreams, lifes mission and thoughts. The Archangel Raziel works very close with God. He knows all of the secrets of the universe and how things work. Archangel Raziel gave Adam the book of guidance, manifestation and God’s grace when Adam and Eve were asked to leave the garden of Eden. Archangel Raziel is know as the Archangel of mysteries. Archangel Raziel helps to bring light into the word. He helps to brighten any darkness that may be around us and helps to remove negativity from our lives.

      Archangel Raziel’s aura are the colours of the rainbow. His aura looks like a beautiful rainbow. He helps us with our spiritual and psychic work, helps us to heal any psychic or spiritual blocks, helps to open our psychic awareness and raise our vibrations to higher levels. He also shares important spiritual knowledge and secrets with us. Archangel Raziel also helps us to access the akashic records.

      * Archangel Zadkiel

      The Archangel Zadkiel’s name means “righteousness of God.” His job is to help us remember things – especially those important things that should not be forgotten. Call upon the Archangel Zadkiel to help you remember things and to help, make your memory shark and accurate. Archangel Zadkiel’s aura is dark blue. He is the Archangel who reminds us of who we are and what our life purpose is. He also helps our mental functioning and helps to improve our memory. Archangel Zadkiel is the bringer of joy. He always ties to bring joy into every situation, into life, into us and the world. He also helps to inspire us to have freedom of speech and to be our own person. He helps to bring freedom, peace and love to the world around us.

      * Archangel Haniel

      The Archangel Haniel’s name means “grace of God.” The Archangel Haniel helps to bring peace, grace, harmony, friendship and love into our lives. Call upon the Archangel Haniel to help keep your relationships and friendships alive, healthy and fresh. Ask the Archangel Haniel to help to give you the grace you need when doing presentation work, when in a meeting or when dealing with others. Call upon Haniel to help keep your life and relationships be more balanced and harmonious. Archangel Haniel helps woman with all feminine problems and issues. She helps with periods, pregnancy, birth and with conceiving. Archangel Haniel is aligned with the stars and the moon. She watches over the night and keeps all living things safe and peaceful. Archangel Haniel appears in the form of a female to people who have seen her. Her aura is a very pale blue colour. The pale blue is so pale that it looks almost a bluish white colour. She helps with our Clairvoyance and helps to keep our third eye cleansed and balanced. She helps us to see clearly and to develop our third eye and psychic sight.

      * Archangel Jeremiel

      The Archangel Jeremiel’s name means “mercy of God.” The Archangel Jeremiel’s job is to help motivate, inspire and encourage us. He also helps to pass on important divine messages that we are meant to receive. He helps us on our spiritual paths and keeps us motivated. Call upon the Archangel Jeremiel when you feel that you need motivation or need to be inspired. Call upon Jeremiel to help you on your spiritual path and help you enjoy the journey. Archangel Jeremiel’s aura is violet or a dark reddish purple. If you see this coloured light around you then you know that Jeremiel is around and is assisting you. The Archangel Jeremiel is the archangel who helps us to heal all of our emotions. He helps us to easily deal with our ever changing emotions, menapours and when having a midlife crisis.