1. Chef Guides and Angels - These are angels and guides who love to help us out in the kitchen. The spirit guides may have been Chef’s or cookery book authors when they were once living. They have chosen to help others to cook up gorgeous meals and to explore foods in a different light. Call upon your Chef Angels and guides next time you cook dinner or a tasty treat. They will be only too happy to help out where they can. If you have a favourite Chef, person whom you admired the way they cook, or cookery book author who is in the spiritual realm then you can call upon them to help you with cooking.

    “I call upon my highest level Chef Guides and angels. I ask that you will please help me with my cooking tonight. Please help me to make a meal that will bring great joy to those who eat it. Thank you.” (Make your little prayer personal to you – this is just an example.)

    I love having the help of my chef guides and angels while cooking. I ask for their help each time I cook. I can always feel their warm and comforting presence around me. What I love the most is that I can feel how happy they are to be working with me in the kitchen. These guides and angels love to cook and love to help you out and shower you with inspiration.