1. There are 4 main types of Psychic Gifts called our Clairs. We all posses each psychic gift only some of our Clairs may be stronger and far more developed than the others. Some people are highly developed in only one Clair where others, may have two or even all four Clairs that are highly developed. To find out more about the 4 different Clairs and to find out which Clair/s is / are your primary Clairs please read below:

    Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing): This is the gift that enables you to see spirits, angels and spiritual guidance, see the future and psychic predictions. People who are Clairvoyant often see flashing lights or sparkles of lights, can see spirits either with their physical eyes or with their minds eye, have vivid dreams in which they see things to come or are visited by spirits and angels, are able to sense light orbs and spirits in photos, find it easy to see signs and number sequences left by our angels and guides, are able to see peoples auras and can see energy all around items and people. Clairvoyants are sensitive to light or flashing lights. Clairvoyants are highly visual people who take in each and every detail. These people never forget a face or a place. They usually dream in colour and their dreams are vivid and clear. Clairvoyants find it easy to use their imagination and are very imaginative people – usually day dreamers. Clairvoyants find it easy to meditate and to do visualization work. Clairvoyants feel drawn to colour and usually express themselves through or by using colour. Clairvoyants are very creative people and are brilliant at writing novels and poetry. Perfect professions for Clairvoyants are; Photographers, website designers, fashion and other types of designers, painters, interior designer, decorators, authors and poets, a chef and any other profession where they are able to use imagination or creativity. Clairvoyants will find that when they go for long walks in the country or in their towns they will first take in the beauty of all that is around them, before they take in the sounds, feelings or smells. Many Clairvoyants will see images associated with what they or someone else is saying. For example: Two people (one is Clairvoyant) are talking about their day. The non Clairvoyant person mentions that they went to the beach. The Clairvoyant person will actually imagine or see pictures of the beach while the other person is telling them about it.The same principle applies if the Clairvoyant person was telling the other person that they went to the beach. Again the Clairvoyant person would actually see images of the beach while they spoke.

    Clairaudience (Clear Hearing): This is the gift of hearing spiritual and angelic guidance. People who are Clairaudient find it easy to hear spirits and angels. Clairaudients can hear angelic celestial music being played when no one else can. They can also hear the voice of their spirit guides either with their inner ears or physical ears. My husband Dave’s Clairaudience is quite developed and because of this he is a wonderfully talented musician and songwriter. Clairaudients are very sensitive to sound and highly developed Clairaudients often have to sit in the back row of concerts as the music will be too loud. Their hearing is brilliant and they can clearly pick out all the various tones and notes of the sounds around them. Clairaudients may find that they often hear their name being called when they first wake up in the morning. Clairaudients can easily remember different melodies, sounds and names as they take each sound in. When they go for a nice long walk in the country or their town they will first take in all the various sounds they can hear, before taking in the view, feelings and smells. Clairaudients never forget people’s voices and can recognize a person’s voice if they were blind folded. Perfect professions for a Clairaudient person would be working in a musical industry such as a singer, song writer, and conductor, a DJ, Radio presenter. Clairaudients are natural leaders and would also work well in a profession where they lead and inspire others. They would make good spiritual teachers, teachers, lawyers, Mediums, councillors, communicators or translators or run their own businesses. When Clairaudients listen to music they take in each and every note and lyric. When performing readings they will find it easier to hear angelic and spiritual messages than to seeing images. Like Clairvoyants who see images while they talk to others, Clairaudients will hear sounds associated with what they or someone else is saying. For example: Two people (one is Clairaudient) are talking about their day. The non Clairaudient person mentions that they went to the beach. The Clairaudient person will actually hear the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach, or hear the sound of the sea gulls as they swoop down and catch fish, while the other person is telling them about it. In stead of seeing pictures of the beach as the Clairvoyant person did, the Clairaudient person will hear the sounds of the beach. The same principle applies if the Clairaudient person was telling the other person that they went to the beach. Again the Clairaudient person would actually hear the sound of the beach and sea while they spoke.

    Clairsentience (Clear Feeling): This is the gift of feeling spiritual and angelic guidance. People who are Clairsentient are usually very sensitive people. Most of their lives people would have told them that they are so sensitive – many Clairsentient people might have been bullied at school and through life because of their sensitiveness. My daughter Monique is highly Clairsentient. Her Clairvoyance as well as Clairaudience is highly developed too. Clairsentient people often cry while watching a movie, the news, while listening to a song or even while reading a book. Clairsentients are highly emotional people as they can feel others emotions. It is very important for these people to keep themselves grounded on a daily basis, as they pick up the emotions and negative energies from others around them. For example: If a Clairsentient person were talking to a person who was feeling very down in the dumps, then the Clairsentient person will pick up on that persons feelings. This will leave the Clairsentient feeling depressed or down in the dumps all day. This has happened because the Clairsentient has picked up on the energy of the other person. This energy stays with them and they find it hard to shake it with out grounding themselves. Clairsentients often find it difficult being in crowds of people as they pick up on everyone’s different emotions. When these people go for long walks in the country or even in their town they will feel the energy of all that is around them. They may walk past a tree and feel the energy of the tree. They will take in and first notice how the sun feels as it shines down on them. They will feel the freshness of the cool breeze as it brushes through their hair or dances on their skin. Clairsentients find it easy to feel the vibration of everything around them including angels and spirits. When these people perform readings they will receive information through their feelings rather than through seeing or hearing.

    Clairsentients feel spirits around them in many varied ways such as, feeling as though a spider or spider web is on them, feeling the spirits energy or feeling them touch their face or brush past them. Clairsentients are often very compassionate people and can feel and understand the pain that another person feels. These people are very connected to nature and animals and can understand the feelings of their pets and other animals. Many Clairsentients may over indulge or become addicts as a way of dealing with all the overwhelming emotions that they feel. Clairsentients would work well in professions where they are helping others, a councillor, adviser, doctor or nurse, working with animals and people, doing charity work, working in nature and with plants, gardener, vet, social worker, teacher, agony aunt, healing and professions where they can reach out to others and help make a difference. Clairsentients have a deep yearning inside of them to help others and reach out to those in need. Like Clairvoyants who see images and Clairaudients will hear sounds associated with what they or someone else is saying, Clairsentients will feel the emotions associated with what they or someone else is saying. For example: Two people (one is Clairsentient) are talking about their day. The non Clairsentient person mentions that they went to the beach. The Clairsentient person will actually feel the feeling of the sand beneath their feet or feel how the cool air would feel. They will feel the emotional feelings that they would feel if they were at the beach, while the other person is telling them about it. In stead of seeing pictures of the beach as the Clairvoyant person did, or hearing the sounds as the Clairaudient person did, the Clairsentient would feel the feelings and emotions associated with the beach.The same principle applies if the Clairsentient person was telling the other person that they went to the beach. Again the Clairsentient person would actually feel the emotions and feelings associated with the beach while they spoke.

    Claircognizance (Clear Knowing / Thinking): This is the gift of knowing and thinking. People who are Claircognizant are usually branded “Know it alls!” as they have a deep knowing in side of them. These people often know how others are feeling and are very bright and intelligent. They find it easy to think of new ideas, solutions and answers. These people often have ‘AHHA’ moments where they will be trying to work something out and then just like in the cartoons where a light bulb switches on, they will have the answer they were looking for. Both my husband David as well as my youngest daughter Kristi are both Claircognizant. Many Claircognizance people will know facts with out knowing how they know this. The answers to questions and problems will just pop in their heads and they will know that it is the right information. What is happening here is that spirits and angels pass on this information to the Claircognizant person. So the information or facts that the Claircognizant person knows was actually passed onto them by spirit or angels. These people are good at predicting the future and knowing if something significant is going to happen before it does. They have very deep thoughts and are often thoughtful people. Claircognizant come across as very intelligent, wise and capable people. These people are independent, reliable and have a wealth of information – most times not knowing how they know the information that comes to them. Claircognizants find that many times when they meet a person they will know all about this person with out the person even saying anything. Again this will surprise the Claircognizant as they will wonder how they know so much about a complete stranger. Claircognizants often have of premonitions of future events and are also very good at finding lost items.

    If they loose a book or their glasses then they always seem to just know where to find them. They are very good with directions and often can travel to a certain destination with out having to use a map – they just know the right way to go. They are fascinated by the world and how things work. These people would do very well in professions such as; Scientists, inventors, mechanics, detectives, problem solvers, writers, business owners, reporter or news reporter, manager, author, teacher, futurists, inspectors, police, producers and any profession where they are able to share their knowledge and thoughts – express themselves. As you may have noticed above, the four Clairs are made up of heightened senses. This is why through out the course we concentrated on developing and heightening all of our senses. Just by heightening our senses and developing them we are heightening and developing our four Clairs which are what make up our psychic gifts. In a nutshell heightened senses = the four Clairs = psychic gift. These four Clairs pave the way for other type’s psychic gifts. For an example of what I mean…

    Imagine that in front of you is a tree. The tree has four large branches and these branches are the four Clairs. Branching off from the 4 main branches (4 Clairs) are other tiny branches which are other psychic gifts such as Mediumship, Psychometry, Telepathy and so on. With out the four main branches there would be no tiny branches. You need to help the four main branches of the tree to grow new tinier branches by keeping the tree healthy (heightening all your senses). The healthier the four branches are (heightened senses) the more tiny branches that will grow. In other words the basis of all the various types of psychic readings and gifts all stem from the 4 Clairs. A person who is a medium will have to possess highly developed Clairvoyance and Clairaudience gifts in order to do mediumship work. Where as a person who does psychometry will need to have a highly developed Clairsentient gift.