1. There are many different prayers that you can say to help prevent psychic attack. Prayers are very personal and so you should try to make up your own prayers by using words that are personal to you and that feel right. All you need to do is ask for protection and help. Below is a protection prayer to give you an idea of the types of prayers you could say. Again, prayers are personal so you do not have to say the prayers in the same way as I do if they do not feel right for you.

    "Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please may you constantly stand my side, by the sides of my loved ones, in my home, and by my pets sides. Please ward off, remove and block out anything negative, evil or bad. Please keep me protected and safe from any psychic attack. Please cut any cords to those who have willingly or unwillingly sent psychic attack my way. I put my trust and faith in you. Thank you."