1. Lightworkers are people who dedicate their time and lives in bringing peace to earth. They have a great love for nature and all living things. They are strongly connected to the earth and have very high vibrations. Light workers work with light and send light out to the world. Lightworkers are healers, forgivers, people who feel the pain of the earth because of how we treat it. Lightworkers have a strong connection with animals and all living things. They can feel others pain and joy. They are highly creative and spiritual.

    These people help to bring knowledge of our ever changing world. They bring spiritual enlightenment and prepare others for a more spiritually evolved world. Lightworkers are natural healers and often find that they are drawn to professions that involve helping others and healing. Lightworkers connect well to colour and love to work with colours. Lightworkers volunteered before they were born to help others on their spiritual path, to help heal the world and bring peace to the earth. Lightworkers have a special bond with animals and often find that they get on better with animals than they do with other people.