1. A good way to encourage us to be our higher selves and to help our higher selves to shine through is to become more sensitive to all that is around us. It is important to be sensitive as this helps you to easily pick up on energy and connect with our guides and angels. There are a quite a few ways of helping you to be more sensitive. You could try reading more books and stories on angels, life, nature and on helping others. Try reading books and stories that are emotional and inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. Watch more programs that involve nature, angels, inspirational stories, true life, romance and films that make you cry - films that leave you feeling sensitive and uplifted at the same time. Try to not watch / or read the news for at least a week or two. Also try to cut out films or programs that portray a lot of anger, violence or negativity such as soaps and dramas. You only need to cut these out for a week or two. The news is so filled with negativity that it blocks your higher self from coming through. Our higher selves are compassionate, empathic, fun, loving, generous, loyal and faithful, sensitive and kind and most of all positive. Watch TV, films and read books that are everything that your higher self is. Try looking at lots of pictures of things that you find inspiring and beautiful. Also look at a lot of pictures of angels as these will all help you to become more sensitive.

    Our higher selves love nature as when we are in nature it helps us to be protected and grounded, we are more connected to the earth and our guides and angels, we have quiet time which helps us to better hear divine messages and nature helps our higher self to shine through. Try spending as much time in nature as possible. Go for long walks, plant a tree, do some gardening, go horse back riding or swimming in the out doors. Connect with nature in any way that you can. You could find somewhere nice and peaceful to lie down or sit, then look all around you. Take in every detail of your surroundings, see what all you can see, smell, hear and feel. Be one with nature and your higher self. Other ways of helping us to be our higher selves is by doing a lot more praying, changing our thought patens from negative to positive, try to help someone each day, try and be more empathic and understanding, say positive affirmations each day. Other ways of helping our higher selves to shine through is to sit down each day and make a list of all the things that you are grateful for in your life - appreciate being you and all that you are blessed with, do more meditating and try being more helpful.