1. The teacher guides are guides who were once teachers, or people who were professional in specific field when they lived on the earth plane. These guides have chosen to dedicate their time in helping others who are still living. You can call upon teacher guides to help you any chosen field or area of your life. There are teacher guides to help you with maths, with computers, with cooking or spiritual work and psychic development (I call upon my spiritual growth and psychic development teacher guides to help when writing lessons.) There is a teacher guide for every area or situation that you need guidance and help with. They love to be helpful and to lend you a helping hand. You can even call upon someone famous who has passed over and who you had a great respect for know that they teach the subject you want to learn.

    “I call upon my highest level ……………(what area you need help in eg, maths, spiritual, health care, cookery, teaching etc) teacher guides and I ask that you will please help me with learning / teaching ……………… Thank you” (Make your little prayer personal to you – this is just an example.)