1. Each and every one of us has spiritual helpers who guide us in our every day lives. Some of these spiritual helpers stay with us from birth while, others come and go through out the different stages of our lives. These spiritual helpers are our spirit guides. We have teacher guides, animal guides, Native American guides, nature guides, healing guides, runner guides and many other types of guides who assist us in every thing we do. Our spirit guides may be our loved ones who have passed over, loved ones from previous lives and other spiritual beings who have volunteered their time to help and guide us. When it is my time to leave this world then I would love to come back as a spirit guide so that I can continue to help and guide others.

    Unlike angels who have never lived a life on the earth plane, spirit guides are people who have lived before and have passed over. People who have lived before and who would like to serve God by helping and guiding us. Each of us can have up to 30 – 40 guides at any given time in our lives. The number of guides we have is ever changing depending on our situation at the time. As I said before you will have guides who will constantly be at your side from birth, while others may enter your life and then leave once their work is done. Both our spirit guides and our angels loved to be called upon to help and guide us, as to serve us is to serve God. They want you to ask them for help and guidance. They want you to communicate with them and to share your thoughts with them. They want you to know that they are there for you any time you need them. I see my spirit guides and angels as part of my family, as once you get to know them you grow to love them deeply and would never be with out them.