1. Runner Guides are spirit guides who help us in our everyday lives, with our daily chores and in every situation. They are called Runner guides because they love to run a head of us and make our way easier by doing chores that will help. They love to see us happy and not stressed. Runner guides love to help us in any way that they are able. All you need to do is ask for their help and they will be only too happy to help out. Runners are spirits who want to feel appreciated and to be helpful. These spirits are closely connected to the earth and with nature. Runners are spirits who want to help make our daily lives easier and more fun.

    1. Call on your runners if you need help in…

      * Finding the perfect car space to park your car and to find it quickly

      * If you need help with your shopping or in finding the best deals

      * If you are unsure on what clothes you want ware

      * If you need help in booking the perfect table in a restaurant or making sure that there is a table available.

      * If you need help with your car or transport such as making a bus arrive quickly or on time.

      * If you need help in getting your children to school on time and for them to behave

      * If you need a parcel or important letter to arrive to somebody quickly

      * If you need help finding a lost or misplaced item

      * If you need help in making the cue not so long in a shop or want it to move along quickly.

      * If you need help getting a quick appointment with your doctor or dentist

      * If you need help with your exams or with studying

      * If you need help with house buying, renting or putting your house on the market

      * If you need help in finding the best deals, bargains or sales

      * If you need help in finding a particular product, film or even book

      Basically call upon your Runners when ever you need help in any situation or area of your life. Remember to always thank your runners for their help as they like to feel appreciated. The more you call on your runners for help the more you will feel their presence in your life – and notice how much easier and less stressful your life will become. Runners are indigenous spirits who are connected to the land which you live. If you live in America then you will have American or Native American Runner guides. If you live in South Africa then you will have South African or Zulu runner guides, If you live in England you will have English Runner guides and so fourth. If you are from England and then move to Canada your Runners will then change from English runners to Canadian Runners. You will have a new set of runner guides who will be waiting to work with you, as runners are connected to the area and country that you are living in.