1. Nature angels are angels who look after the earth, plants, trees, animals and they help us to connect with nature. They help to keep the earth protected and safe as well as balanced. They inspire us to care for the earth and animals, to pick up our litter in stead of just lazily chucking it on the ground, to help an animal or plant who is in need and to respect and appreciate the world around us. There are many different names for all of the nature and animal angels as people around the world call then by various names. The most common is Fairies. There are also a variety of different types of nature angels who each deal in specific areas. Some of these are elves, pixies, mermaids, unicorns, devas, Mother Nature and so fourth. These angels do not look like the cartoon drawings of fairies, mermaids, unicorns, elves and so on. They are completely different! People around the world call these angels by many different names. These angels have been sent to watch over the planet and their important purpose is to protect, balance and nurture our planet. Why not try and do some of your own research in to all the various types of nature and animal angels.

    Here is a little something you could try saying each day when you are out and about in nature. You will feel the love and support all around you when you say this as your spirits will rise and you will feel well with in.

    “I call upon all of the nature and animal angels and fairies. I ask that you will please surround my family and I with you heavenly love and light. Thank you.”