1. I love Joy Guides as they are just so cute and helpful! These guides look like cherubs – the ones you get on Valentine greeting cards shooting tiny arrows into hearts. These guides are playful, fun loving little angels who love to help us remove stress and relax more. Their job is to help us not to be so serious and to help us to relax and enjoy life more. These little cherubs are like happy playful children. They are childish, fun, exciting to have a round and help to shower our lives with laughter, fun and presents. If you are working too hard then your joy guides will try and get your attention so that you stop and have a rest.

    Our joy guides also like to help us to stop rushing about all the time. They want us to take things slow and enjoy our day. They will do little things to help slow us down such as hiding our keys (hide and seek) or other items, sending a bird, person or something that will distract you and stop you from being in a rush.Joy guides are like little children. They are playful and love to keep us on our toes and have us play with them. If we are feeling sad or upset then our joy guides will draw something funny into your life to help make you liven up and laugh. These little guides love to shower us with special gifts and presents. They help to drew positive energy and gifts into our lives. These gifts may be in the form of actual gifts such as winning on a scratch card or getting a bonus, someone bringing you a gift or you find money lying on the street.

    Or the gifts could be in the form of helping you find the best deals when you go shopping, finding the exact colour wall paper you were looking for, helping you to not miss your bus or to find that lost earring, making the sun stay out while you do the school run and then, it pour down with rain as soon as you are in doors again, help your very low gas tank to get you home or near a garage before you run out of gas. They love to send us gifts that will help to make our lives easier and happier.Each day say this little prayer to ask your joy guides to shower you with their precious gifts. Remember to always thank your joy guides for the gifts they bring and to appreciate them. “My beautiful joy guides I would like to thank you for all the wonderful gifts and presents that you bless my family and I with each day. Your gifts are all greatly appreciated. Please continue to shower my family and me with gifts and presents each day. Thank you.”