1. Below is a brief summery of Indigo and Crystal Children. Please feel free to do research to find out more about these children and adults.

    Indigo and Crystal children two different generations of people who are highly psychic and who have a constant yearning with in them to fulfil a purpose. These people constantly feel as though there is something missing in their lives. They believe that they are on this earth for a very important reason – which is true. They feel deep with in that there is more to life than just living – we are all here for a reason and have a life purpose. Indigo and Crystal children are the beginning of a new race of people who are more strongly connected to spirituality and our ever changing world. Indigo and Crystal children may have found that when growing up, they felt misunderstood by family and others in their lives. Indigo and Crystal children had painful and hard childhoods. They went through hard childhoods to teach them valuable life lessons which they will use to help others.

    These children / adults are special and do indeed have a special life purpose to teach others about spirituality and all the angelic love and support we all have. They are here to heal, teach, lead, inspire and motivate others. Indigo children first began walking on the earth about 100 or so years ago and Crystal children have been here since about the year 2000 or just earlier to that, though many believe that the Crystal children have been around for many generations. These children have very similar traits and all see very wise for their age. Crystal and Indigo children are intelligent, sensitive and have a high psychic intuition. Indigo children have a gorgeous blue / indigo aura and can easily see peoples auras, spirits and have psychic visions. Their third eye is highly developed which makes them perfect Clairvoyants.

    Indigo children’s senses are also highly developed. They are able to clearly read people and tell if a person is good, bad, lying, cheating, ill, angry, depressed and so fourth – their clairsentience is high! Indigo children are a new generation of spiritual beings – humans. They are more connected to the spiritual realm and all that is than others. These people help others to grow spiritually and move into the next step of evolution. Indigo children do not like to be told what to do. They are leaders and need to be their own boss and think for themselves. Indigo’s are highly sensitive beings who are evolved and who want to make a difference to the world we live in.

    Crystal children have a very high vibration that radiates peace and love. These children are the next generation of spiritual humans. These are the Indigo children evolved and moving towards a new spiritual awakening. They are highly sensitive and have often have been called a person who is Autistic unlike the Indigo children who are said to suffer from hyperactivity and ADD. These children have many of the same traits and purposes as the Indigo children just; they are far more evolved and are of a higher vibration. Because Crystal children are so sensitive they often feel as though they do not belong in this world, they hide from the world and are shy, disconnect and can be known as scardy cats. Both Indigo and Crystal children feel that they are different to everyone else, they feel like out casts and as though they do not fit in and are not on the same wave length as others. Crystals are very connected to nature and like to have alone time where they can be one with themselves and nature. Crystal and Indigo children are very similar and are often seen as the same.