1. Earth Angels are angels who have reincarnated into humans and live a human life with no idea that they are actual angels! They have chosen to live a human life so that they can be of service both to God and to the planet. They send hope and love to everyone they meet. They help others to grow spiritually, heal and send out love to the world and evolve. Earth angels are here to help make a difference in the world. Earth angels have a deep yearning deep with in them to save the world and every living thing. They crave to help and heal everything and everyone. Earth Angels become depressed and with draw and feel as though there is something missing in their lives if they are unable to help others.

    Earth angels do not even know that they are angels or different from anyone else. They live normal lives, get married, have children, go to work, and have hardships as well as good times just like any other person. They are like regular people and live like any other person would. They have days where they may be ill or feel depressed, they have good days, they experience jealousy or joyfulness, sadness or anger, happiness or pain just as anyone else would. Earth angels do feel deep with in that there is something missing in their lives. They feel different to everyone else and feel as though they are not on the same wave length as the people around them. Earth angels sometimes even feel that they are special or that there is more to them that meet the eyes. Some earth angels even feel deep down that they are angels.

    Earth angels find comfort when they are one with nature or near water. They love living, love the earth and all it’s inhabitants. Earth angels are intuitive and spiritual; they are highly sensitive and emotional too. Earth angels become very sad or depressed when they see all the anger, war and pain that are in the world. They are constantly trying to help in the world where they can.