1. All around us is a pulsating electromagnetic energy field know as our Aura. Our Aura is made up of pure energy, it is a vibrating energy field that surrounds our bodies. This energy field is shaped like an egg or cocoon all around our body. There are many layers of the Aura – each a different colours and each layer blending together. As the energy moves further away from the body it becomes finer and moves faster. Some people have the gift to see these vibrations of energy. What they see is different colours of swirling light around a person. Each colour of light can tell us different things about that person. It helps us to see if they are healthy or not, highly spiritual or depressed. You can tell a lot just from looking at the colour of a persons Aura. There are 7 layers of the Aura – each layer a different colour that stands for different things.

    1. The 7 layers of the Aura

      I will start with the layers closest to the body and work outwards.

      Etheric- Red

      The Etheric layer is the first layer of the aura and is about 2 inches from our skin. It’s colour is red. This energy field is connected to the first of our Chakras and like the first Chakra relates to the condition and health of the physical body. This layer is associated with touch and feelings. If you have a strong red aura then you will find that you will be healthy and all your senses will be heightened. When you are unhealthy, unwell or feeling low then your red aura will appear dim and dirty in colour. A healthy person’s aura will appear bright and clear.

      Emotional Body- Orange

      The second aura layer is called the Emotional Body (Emotional Layer) and this is about 2-4 inches away from our bodies. It is Orange in colour. This energy field is connected to the second of our Chakras. Like the second Chakra this energy field relates to our feelings, emotions and experiences. This energy field is constantly changing as do our emotions. As we change emotionally so does the aura – happy emotions result in clear clean colour while negative emotions result in dirty dim colour. This layer also stores unsettled emotions such as fear, resentment, unsolved baggage, and loneliness. The energies present in the second aura layer will communicate with the first layer how we are feeling emotionally. These two Auras are closely connected as with all the auras. They work together to tell our physical body how we are health wise and emotionally. If we are feeling depressed, angry or emotionally unsettled then these messages will be passed on to our physical body, this could result in physical tension, muscle cramps and upset stomach. This is caused because of the etheric (first) layer being bombarded by emotional pain residing in the second aura layer.

      Mental Body- Yellow

      The third aura layer is the Mental Body (Mental Layer); this is about 4-8 inches from the physical body. Its colour is yellow. This layer is connected to the third chakra, our consciousness, ideas, logical processes, belief systems and intellect. Mental health and issues are shown in this area. Every thought, idea and our daydreams are all processed here and sorted through. When you have an active and lively mind then this aura will pulsate at a very fine level. If a person is suffering from mental disorders, depression, bad thoughts etc then their aura will show as a dim and dirty yellow. A person who is healthy mentally and in a good frame of mind’s aura will be bright and clear.

      Higher Mental Body – Green

      This fourth layer is the Higher Mental Body (Astral Layer or Bridge Layer). This is about 8 – 12 inches away from the physical body. Its colour is Green and this layer is connected to our Fourth Chakra. Like the fourth Chakra this layer represents and covers our emotions, sense of love and well being, balancing of our life as well as the expansion of our goals and dreams – and us as a person. This layer is where our auras merge and interact with others, with plants and animals, with people and the cosmos. This aura is strongly connected with our heart chakras.

      Spiritual Body – Turquoise

      The fifth aura layer is the Spiritual Body also know as the Etheric Template Layer. This layer is Turquoise in colour. This layer is 1 – 2 feet away from the physical body. This layer of the aura connects with the fifth Chakra. This layer (like the fifth Chakra) is associated with Divine Will, creativity, sound and vibration. It is also connected to communication. This layer of the aura serves as a carbon copy of the physical body on the spiritual plane. This layer is where our higher will and conscious come together. Our higher conscious is found in this layer of the aura. The physical plane and the spiritual plane connect, communicate and come together here.

      Causal Body – Deep Blue / Indigo

      The sixth aura layer is called the Causal Body (Celestial Layer) and its colour is a deep blue / Indigo. This layer is connected to the sixth Chakra. It is about 2-3 feet away from the physical body. This is the layer where we experience the spirit world. This layer is a very big part of what influences and causes our lives. This layer is where the physical mind connects with the spiritual mind. This is our sixth sense and connects us to the spiritual realm and our intuition. Like the 6th Chakra this layer of the aura is connected to our dreams, spiritual awareness, our thoughts and feelings of unconditional love, to honesty and trust as well as to our knowledge and intuitive knowledge.

      Ketheric Body / True Self – Violet

      The seventh aura layer is known as the Ketheric Body / True Self (Ketheric Template Layer or Causal Layer.) This layer of the aura is connected to the 7th layer of the Chakra. Like the 7th Chakra this layer links us to Divine Mind, our super-consciousness, all knowledge, possibilities and our higher truth. The colour of this aura is Violet and it is at least 3-5 feet away from the physical body. This layer of the aura has the very special job of protecting and holding all the other layers of the aura together. The 7th aura reflects all of our soul’s experiences and events through time.

      The best way to remember the colours of the Aura and in which order they are is to think of a rainbow. The red aura is closest to your physical body like it is the first colour of the rainbow. The orange aura is the next in line just as orange is the second colour of the rainbow and so on – all the way to the 7th aura (violet) which is last like the last layer of the rainbow which is Violet. If you think of your Aura and Chakras like a rainbow then it will be easy for you to remember which order they are. This layer is highly spiritual and is a strong connection to God and all things spiritual. This layer is the blue print of our spiritual path and destiny.