1. Ascended Masters are spiritual beings who have lived earth lives before. They have lived through many incarnations and have learnt all the life lessons that they needed too. They have passed all of the tests that God had set before them. Ascended Masters have also worked through all of their karma and have learnt to forgive both themselves and others. Ascended Masters have had every kind of human experience and have fulfilled each of their life purposes. These spiritual beings have evolved to a much higher vibration and a far higher frequency. They have passed through ascension which means that they do not have to return to earth again – as they have completed the life course that God has set for them. They are now highly evolved beings whose purpose is now to teach us how to live in light and love.

    When we pass over and once we have learnt all that needs to be learnt we then begin to evolve. We continue learning and working on our spiritual paths. We have the choice to be born again and live another earthly life, the choice to become spirit guides or continue with our spiritual work in the spiritual realms and move to higher enlightenment. Ascended Master Guides have the important job of helping us to reach higher levels of spiritual consciousness. They help to teach us truth, love, wisdom and forgiveness. They help to guide us on the right path in life; they offer us sound advice and guidance and teach us important lessons that need to be learnt. These beings are of such a great vibration that they hold deep with in them, powerful energy such as God’s powerful energy. Ascended Masters are also incredibly wise as they have learnt a great deal and have worked long and hard to get to where they are now. These beings are of pure heavenly light and they radiate love and light to the earth. They try to help us to live in God’s light and help with our spiritual journey.