1. How automatic writing works is by our guides and angels working through us to pass on messages. Our guides and angel may control our hand while we write or type or they may whisper messages in your ear. When performing automatic writing one needs to quiet their mind and be in a complete state of relaxation and calmness. You also need to be on your own in a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed. It is important to clear away any of the days chatter from your mind. It is always important to ask for protection for your self and your home before performing automatic writing. You can do this by calling upon the Archangel Michael and asking him to only allow spirits of the highest vibration to pass on messages to you. This helps to block out any spirits who may be up to no good or who are negative. Once you are completely calm and relaxed then your mind goes into a kind of trance. It is then that your spirit guides and angels come to your side and work through you in your writing. Automatic writing is a wonderful way of truly connecting with your guides and angels. You can do automatic writing either with a pen and piece of paper or on your PC – typing. It is entirely up to – find the method that you feel works best for you.