1. Firstly say the below prayer for protection while you help the spirit to cross over: Say out loud;

    Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please may you stand by my side and by the sides of my loved ones. Please assist me in helping the spirit man as well as any other spirits in my home who need to cross over. Please help me to help these spirits to follow the light and to find peace. Please place heavenly angels in each room of this house, by each window and door of this house, in each corner of each room of this house, by my pets sides, in my garden, by my loved ones sides and by my side. Thank you.

    Now, open all of the doors, windows and cupboards in your home ALL doors or windows (even cupboard doors) should be opened. When you do this you are releasing any negative energy that is inside of your home. You are sending this negative energy out and away. Get a stick of smudging sage and light it so that it begins to smoke. The smoke from the smudge sage is highly cleansing and will help to cleanse and balance your home.

    Once you have done this then take in a deep breath and say, MICH AEL then take in another deep breath. Wait for a minute and then repeat the process another 3-5 times. Now say out loud, Archangel Michael the angel of protection, I call upon you now. Please walk along side me though out each room of this house. Please ask the spirits in this house to follow the light and leave. Thank you. Know that with Archangel Michael at your side even if you have to imagine seeing him standing next to you (he will be with you). Know that you are completely protected.

    Now carrying the smudged sage still burning, walk into each room of the house. Allow the smoke of the smudged sage to swirl about in each room. In each room say out loud (and truly mean it); The Archangel Michael and I order any spirits present here to follow the light and leave this house. The time has come for you to follow the light, cross over and find peace. Gods angels will guide you to where you are meant to go. It is safe for you to leave and to be at peace. Thank you.

    Spend 2-3 minutes in each room walking around and letting the smudged sage smoke fill the room. Once you have done each and every room in your house then put out the burning smudge sage. Now thank the Archangel Michael for his help. Try doing this each day for one week although it usually only takes the first attempt to work, but continue this for a week just be completely sure that all spirits in your home who need to leave have gone.