1. Psychic children need a great deal of love and support. Many psychic children feel misunderstood, different to everyone else and are highly sensitive and emotional children. These children get hurt or upset easily and when around people who are auguring or suffering for depression these children will become with drawn or depressed themselves – as they pick up on others emotions. Psychic children often have imaginary friends – who are really their angels and guides. They have vivid dreams and see things. Many psychic children suffer from terrible night terrors. Many parents will tell their psychic children that what they have seen is just in their imaginations or to stop being silly.

    What the parent does not realise is that by telling their child to stop being silly or that it is all in their imagination, they are (with out realising it) making their child close up and block off their special gift of communicating with their guides and angels. The child will believe that it is just their imagination. The child will feel that there is something wrong with them and be afraid to open up and share their experiences freely. The parents do not mean to do any of the above to their children – they only want what is best for their child. They do not understand that their child is blessed with the wonderful gift of communicating with angelic and spiritual beings.

    Signs that your child is psychic are…

    *Your child is highly sensitive and emotional

    *Your child is sensitive to loud noise

    *Your child has a dream or draws a picture of something and then it comes true

    *Your child has de ja vu a lot or tells you that they have been to a place before, or met a person before when you know that they have not.

    *Your child feels sick, dizzy, light headedness or experiences temperature changes in a room, when they enter a building or talk to a person.

    *Your child feels energy around them and can sense the presence of spiritual or angelic beings.

    *They have vivid dreams and often have the same dream as other people closet to them.

    *Your child is very imaginative and is known for have a very good imagination

    *Your child is very creative and loves colours

    *Your child talks to loved ones who have passed over or tells you that their loved ones in spirit visited them.

    *Your child has an imaginary friend or too and tells you that they can see fairies and angels.

    *Your child bonds well with animals and loves nature

    *Your child is empathic and sensitive to the needs of others

    *At times your child may seem with drawn or sad for no reason

    *You child often has different mood swings

    *Your child sees animals or deceased pets when no one else can

    *Your child always knows when you will call them and runs to you before you call.

    *Your child knows that something is wrong, if a person is not feeling well or if they

    are upset, even if the person hides how they are feeling.

    *Your child may know why an animal, plant or person is ill or not happy

    *Your child sometimes knows information and details, even words that they possibly could not know at their age.

    *Your child finishes your or others sentences on a regular basis as though they know what you were about to say.

    * Your child see’s coloured lights around people, in the room or sees sparkling lights.

    * Your child always seems to find lost items

    *Your child knows who is at the door or who is on the phone before you answer