1. There are many various types of ways of keeping your self, loved ones and home grounded and protected. Below are a few of my favourites.

    * Music - Surround yourself with music

    * Spend plenty of time in nature and around animals

    * Prayer

    * Air out your home on a daily basis. Keep your home clean, declutted, light and let in lots of air.

    * Meditaton

    * Add lots of plants to your home

    Please take a look at lesson 1: Grounding and Protection to find other ways of keeping your home, yourself and loved ones protected and grounded.

  2. How do I know if I am under psychic attack or have an unwanted attachment?

    Suddenly you feel....

    * Your heart beating so fast, when you enter crowded place that it makes you want to leave straight away.

    *You feel the sudden flood of stress overwhelms you.

    * A sudden loss of focus and attention when you come in contact with people aggressively arguing...

    * Sudden loss of memory. Feeling that you have misplaced items and belongings.

    * Entering an unfamiliar place or talking to someone and feeling a prickling feeling up your spine and back of your neck.

    * A sudden drained of energy that makes you feel tired and fatigue, after meeting up with someone whom you know or not know.

    More signs that you are under attack are...

    * Suddenly falling into a very bad mood or irritable mood, snapping at people.

    * Feeling surges of self-doubt

    * Sudden loss of energy

    * Viewing the world in depressed or cynical terms, especially if it is not your normal behaviour.

    * Suddenly have thoughts of harming others or thoughts that are nasty and uncomfortable.

    * A sudden headache coming on from out of the blue.

    * Electrical pulses through the head

    * Feeling there is something wrong

    * Sudden Stomach ache, ear ache

    * Sudden Possible vomiting and, or, diarrhoea.

    * Sudden Passing out, dizziness

    * Sudden Pain in the body for many weeks or months after the initial attack.

    Notice how all of the above symptoms suddenly come on with no apparent reason. This is a sure sign that you are under psychic attack or are not properly grounded.