1. Sit or lay comfortably so that you feel completely relaxed and settled. Take in a few deep breaths slowly to help completely relax you. Try to calm your mind from the days chatter and try to feel the vibrations in your room. How does the vibrations in your room feel? Do you notice any differences? Try to see if you can feel the vibration of your spirit guides. You may not be able to see them but they are there. Spirit Guides have vibrations just like angels do. Trust the feelings and thoughts that come to you. Trust what you feel and do not judge it.

    Ask your spirit guides to please help you to feel their presence. Ask each spirit guide to come through one at a time and share their presence with you. For example: (Using the guides from above) Say out loud or in your mind, “Pam I call upon you now. Please help me to feel your presence. Are you standing behind me? Are you standing in front of me? Or are you standing to the left of me, or to the right of me? Please help me to feel your presence now. Thank you.” Once you have felt what Pam’s presence feels like then thank her and ask Tom to come though and share his presence with you. Take note of what each spirit guides presence feels like as each will be different. This will help you to identify each spirit guide when they are around you. Write down in your journal your experiences, thoughts, feelings, visions and any other things that come to you during this exercise. Write down each spirit guides name and what each individual spirit guides presence felt like. It is so important to write it all down even if it seems insignificant.