1. Sit or stand comfortably and make sure you will not be disturbed (once you get the hang of it, you will find that you can do this exercise any time and in any environment). Hold up both of your hands in front of you. Now put both of your hands together as you would when praying. Do not interlock your fingers, just let the fingers and palms of both hands rest against each other. Move your hands apart and then bring them together again slowly, keeping doing this over and over. Notice how it feels and what you can see. As you move your hands together and apart you should begin to feel a pulling like feeling coming from the palms of your hands.

    Each time you move your palms of your hands forwards and backwards just take them slightly further apart each time. As you continue moving them forward and apart you will begin to notice a sensation building up in the palms of your hands. You will begin to feel your palms become hot and it will feel like elastic in between each hand. If you feel this then you are sensing and feeling your aura. If you relax your eyes and look at your hands as you do this exercise then you will begin to even see this aura. It will first look like heat waves and eventually change colour to white and then blue. You will be able to see this energy pulling back and forth as you move your hands.