1. Find somewhere that is nice and quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Lie down and make sure you are in a comfortable position. Take in a few deep breaths slowly to help completely relax you. Try to calm your mind of the days chatter. Ask your spirit guides to please help you to see what they look like. If you have more than one guide then ask your guides to take it in turns. Close your eyes and trust any images or thoughts that come to you. What do you see and how do you feel? Do you see a person in your minds eye or do you see an animal? Do you see bright colours or lights? Do you see a feather or a heart? What pictures come to you? Try to take in as much detail in as possible and try to see these images as vividly as possible. At the same time try not to over concentrate as this will block out any genuine images. Just totally relax your body and mind and trust what ever come to you.

    Keep practicing this exercise until you feel comfortable with what comes to you. You may find that you see many different things at first, but then one image should keep coming back to you each time you do this exercise. The image that keeps coming back to you is a vision of how your spirit guide would like to show themselves to you. Please remember that you will not see a full blown spirit appear in front of you (though if you are very lucky then you might see a spirit appear). You may see a person or animal in your minds eye or you may sense what your guide looks like.

    You may see a feather or see a tiny bird, or a bright colored ball floating above you. You may see tiny specs of glitter floating around you or you could even see heat waves or a flash of light – it all depends on how your guide would like to show themselves to you. Once you have seen what your guides look like then, thank them for helping you to see them. Write down in your journal your experiences, thoughts, feelings, visions and any other things that come to you during this exercise. It is so important to write it all down even if it seems insignificant.

    If ever you feel lonely or feel as thought you would like conformation that your guides and angels are with you, then all you have to do is ask your guides and angels to send you a sign and they will. You may find that you keep finding tiny white feathers lying around, or find tiny hearts, birds or see angel shaped clouds. Your angels and guides will always let you know they are with you by leaving you little signs – especially signs that keep repeating themselves.

    For example:

    When ever I feel down or lonely or just need conformation that my angels and guides are with me, I always ask them to please send me signs. I will then find that I keep finding tiny white feathers appear. Some times I will keep finding tiny hearts and heart shapes appear in unusual places or I may feel my guides and angels around me. I love receiving these signs as it brings me great comfort and lets me know that I am never alone.