1. 10 Signs that you are Clairvoyant…

    1. Your dreams are vivid and you often dream of loved ones who have passed over.

    2. When you go for long walks the first thing you notice is your surroundings and what things around you look like.

    3. When speaking to a person you find that you take in every detail of their facial expressions, their hair and what they are warring.

    4. You are drawn to colour and have a deep appreciation for colours.

    5. You find that you often see things move out of the corner of your eyes or you see lights, heat waves and mists

    6. You never forget a face or place

    7. You are a highly creative person and work well with colour and designing

    8. You often find little white feathers, birds or hearts around you

    9. You love to visit places and travel so that you can take in all the different surroundings that are all around you. You are highly connected to nature and see the beauty in all that is around you.

    10. Your eyes are sensitive to light

    10 Signs that you are Clairaudient…

    1. You are very sensitive to sound and find that loud noises hurt your ears

    2. You often hear voices inside your head or with your physical ears when there is no one around.

    3. You hear someone calling your name when you wake up in the morning

    4. You often hear a loud pitched ringing sound in your ear (this is our angels passing on messages to us. In time you will understand the message they are passing on.)

    5. You have heard beautiful celestial music when no one else can hear it

    6. You are very musical and can clearly pick out each musical tone and note

    7. You love to be surrounded by music or listen to all the sounds of nature around you.

    8. You never forget a voice and can easily recognize peoples voices with out seeing them

    9. When talking to someone you are more aware of the sound of their voice than what the person is warring or looks like.

    10. When you dream you can clearly hear sounds in your dreams

    10 Signs that you are Clairsentient…

    1. You are a deeply emotional person – people often complain that you are too emotional

    2. You are a highly sensitive person and can cry very easily

    3. You relate well with animals

    4. You often can feel how others are feeling and understand their feelings

    5. You often feel depressed or angry with out knowing why, and can be prone to addictions, depression or over eating.

    6. You find that at times when you hold an object you will pick up on feelings associated with that object, also know about the object and where it has been, just by holding the object.

    7. You cry when reading books, watching movies, or watching the news.

    8. You often can feel a spiritual presence around you

    9. You are very aware of temperature or pressure changes around you and in a room.

    10. You can easily feel the energy of all things around you and your environment.

    10 Signs that you are Claircognizant…

    1. You have always been branded a ‘Know it all!’

    2. You often know things with out knowing how you know the things you do.

    3. You are seen by others as being very intelligent and wise and may have been top of the class at school.

    4. You are very good at finding lost items

    5. You are a highly thoughtful person

    6. New ideas and thoughts often pop into your mind as though a light bald was turned on.

    7. You find that when speaking to people you will know information about that person even though they did not tell you. You are often surprised at how you knew the information if your were not told.

    8. You are a deep thinker and can be mistaken for a highly serious person because of your deep thinking.

    9. You love learning new things and finding out how things work

    10. You often dream of events or situations that come true – have predictions or visions of things to come.