1. Below is a short exercise to help you find out what your guides name is...

      Find somewhere that is nice and quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Have a piece of paper with you and a pen. Sit down and make sure you are in a comfortable position. Take in a few deep breaths slowly to help completely relax you. Try to calm your mind of the days chatter. Ask your guides to please tell you how many guides you have. Trust the first number that pops into your mind. If no number appears then keep trying until you have a number that keeps repeating it's self. Now, ask your guides to please tell you what their names are. Say out loud or in your mind, “My spirit guides please may you tell me what your names are?”

      If you found out that you have more than one guide then, on your piece of paper write down the number of guides you have. For example if you have 3 guides then write,




      Ask your spirit guides to take it in turns to tell you their names. Each time you find out one of their names write it down until all names are found. Like above you need to trust what comes to you. You may hear a name being said out loud or in your mind, you may see a name in the air or in your minds eye. You may hear someone in the street suddenly say a name – just at the point when you asked your guides what their names are. Our guides talk to each of us differently. You need to just trust what comes to you and have faith that you have communicated with your guides. If you feel unsure whether the name you heard are your spirit guides name, then ask your guides to please send you conformation. They will send you conformation through signs. To help make it not too confusing – as all your guides will want to give you conformation all at once, ask your guides to please take it in turns giving you conformation of their names.

      For example; Say you have 3 guides and their names are Pam, Tom and Sally and you would like conformation of their names. Ask Pam if she could please be the first guide to give you conformation. It may take a day or two but keep asking until Pam gives you conformation of her name. You will receive conformation through signs such as seeing a van drive past with that name on the side, or you may see a sign post with the name. Hear it on the radio or see the name appear on telly. You may find that you keep hearing the name through out the day – these are all signs of conformation. Once you have received conformation from Pam then ask Tom to give you conformation and so on – until you have received conformation from each spirit guide. Remember to thank each one for their help and their time.