1. The Akashic Records a spiritual library which exists in the Universal mind. This library is the largest library and holds a massive amount of information on every living thing that ever was, that is and that will be. This library holds all knowledge great and small. Each and every living person has an Akashic Record Library in their subconscious mind / universal mind. This knowledge is of all that is and ever will be, knowledge of humanity, our life purpose, existence, history of the cosmos and every living thing. Everything that has ever been said, done or that has happened is recorded in this library. All of your past lives are recorded here too. This library holds wonders and secrets of the world and universe and is very sacred.

    Below is a short exercise that will help you to be able to access your Akashic Records…

    Find somewhere quiet to sit or lay down. Maybe light a candle or two or put on some soft music – it is entirely up to you. Make sure that you will not be disturbed and then shut your eyes. Take in 10-20 deep breaths slowly to help yourself to relax. Concentrate on your breathing until you feel completely relaxed. Now say out loud or in your mind, “I call upon my guardian angel/s. I ask that you will please show me my Akashic Records now. Thank you.”

    Now imagine that in front of you is standing your guardian angel/s and they are holding out their hand/s to you. Imagine that you take hold of their hand. The instant you do you see a beautiful shimmering golden light surround you – this light is called Angel Starlight and is a highly powerful and vibrational healing light. Watch as this beautiful light enters each of your chakras one at a time. Feel this light entering each chakra and watch as each chakra opens and grows larger and larger, feel them begin to spin very fast. Now watch as this light enters each of your auras causing them to become bright and clean. This gorgeous shimmering golden light now fills your entire body, mind, spirit, soul and angelic body.

    Now say out loud or in your mind, “My beautiful guardian angel/s I reach out to you with my heart, my words, my mind and spirit and with my soul. I connect with you on a deep and spiritual level and link my entire self with you.” Hear your guardian angel say then say to you,”……………..(your name) we are now linked and connected as one.” Now your guardian angel/s surrounds both yourself and them in a bubble of angelic protection which is filled with the shimmering golden light. You begin to rise higher and higher so that when you look below you can see everything becoming smaller. You riser higher – past the clouds and past space - as you move towards a brilliant white light a head.

    You have now entered this brilliant white light and you feel completely serene and safe. You are over flowing with love and peace deep with in you. You then notice that you are surrounded by many angels of all shapes and sizes. They smile happily at you and welcome you into the higher realms. Now see a large golden door in front of you. The door is covered in beautiful flowers and greenery. It looks so inviting and your angels usher you to walk through the door. Still holding your guardian angel/s hands you walk into the beautiful door and notice that you are surrounded by thousands and thousands of books, each book is shimmering in the same golden light. Your angels lead you to a beautiful spot where you sit down in front of a massive book. On the cover of the book reads; “…………..(your name) Akashic Records.

    Your angels smile at you and urge you to open the book which you do. Now read all that there is to read. Take in each detail and ask your angels to help you to remember all that you have read. When you have finished reading your Akashic Records and are ready to leave then say out loud or in your mind, “I thank you my angel/s for showing me my Akashic Records. I am ready to go back now.” You then stand and your angel/s walk you back out of the library. You return back to earth the way you had come. Once you are back in your room where you had started the meditation thank your angels once more, take in several deep breaths and gently wiggle your toes, flowered by your fingers, nose, arms, legs and so on until you have come out of the meditation.