1. Yes we all have a wide variety of Animal Spirit Guides around us. These can be our beloved pets that have passed over, pets from previous lives as well as animal spirits that have chosen to guide us in this life. Each animal guide offers us a different type of help for example: Our beloved pets who have passed over, will offer us comfort in out times of need, they will be there for us when we are feeling afraid or need a friend to talk to. We may have a wolf spirit guide who will be wise and teach us great lessons in life, he will help us to see different situation more clearly and with an open heart.

    We may have a bear spirit guide who will help us with our parenting skills and with feminine problems. She will help us to be good parents and help our children to behave and to head down the right path in life. Our animal guides can help to send us healing, support, love and inspiration. They also help us to better understand other animals and people. They teach us to become one with nature and to learn compassion.

    Below is a list of the various types of spirit guide animals we have…

    A shadow animal guide – A shadow animal guide is a guide who will try and help us to overcome our fears. They also teach us not to make the same mistakes in life that we have already made – mistakes that are connected to greed, anger, aggression, fear, thoughtlessness, negative thoughts and deeds, pain, bullying, deceit, lies, shame, and insecurity. They will appear to us in the form of a shadow animal or you will feel there presence around you as they instil great fear with in you. They will keep returning until you change your ways or learn from your mistakes.

    A life animal guide – This type of spirit guide is apart of you and stays with you for life. You can have more than one life animal guide through out your life depending on the situations you are in, you may have new life guides enter your life. These guides are with you to teach you to connect to nature and to guide you in your everyday life. These guides help us on our spiritual paths and help to teach us valuable life lessons.

    A messenger animal guide – These types of animal guides will pass on important messages that are meant for you. Once you have heard their messages then they will leave again. The messages that they pass on are vital messages that you need to hear. These could be messages that help you on your spiritual path, in your every day life, about your relationships, friendships, ideas and goals, your dreams and illnesses. These guides help you to hear the messages meant for you and inspire you to act upon them.

    A journey animal guide – A journey animal guide is a guide that helps us move from one phase of our lives into the next. This guide will stay with us through each cycle of our lives and help us to move in to the next cycle – you see our lives are made up of cycles. This is like the different chapters in a book. Each chapter is a new cycle. They say that we go into a new cycle of our lives every 9 years or so, although I personally believe that the cycle changes can happen when we have learned all the lessons need for that particular cycle.

    The journey guide will help us learn the lessons needed for each life cycle. They help us to stay on the right path and if we are lead astray then they will bring our attention back to the right road again. These guides come to us when there are massive decisions to be made or when our life hits a cross roads. They are our faithful travel companions and give us support. They guide us in the best way that they can so that we move forward on the life path that is right for us.

    The above 4 types of animal guides are the main four groups of animal guides we have watching over us. These guides may come in the form of wolves, deer, bear, tiger, giraffe, and elephant and so on. Each guide has a specific purpose and lessons to teach us. Below are just a few of the various types of animals we may have as our guides and their special and unique qualities. Why not try and do your own research to find out the qualities and traits of other animal spirit guides.

    WOLF: The wolf spirit guides help us to learn to trust others and have faith in ourselves as well as others. These guides remind us of the lessons we still need to learn in this life time. They offer us protection and help us to see various situations clearly.

    Wolves also help us to use our psychic intuition, helps us to understand others more and their feelings, to be a good judge of character and helps to give us courage and strength – especially in emotional situations or when we have hit a bad period in our lives.

    The wolf spirit guide helps us to learn to let go of that which does not serve us and to open and use all of our senses. They help us to remember who we are and that we are strong and capable in everything we do. They help us to rebuild our self confidence and to be faithful to our loved ones.

    These spirit guides will enter your life and guide you when you hit a cross roads in your life, are feeling low in self confidence or are depressed, when you have many decisions to make or when you need help on your spiritual path. They will enter your life when you need strength, courage and ambition.

    BEAR: The bear spirit guides help us with family, children, pregnancy and feminine issues. These animals help us to better understand our children’s needs and desires. They help us in being good parents and show us what needs to be done. The bear also helps to give us strength and teaches us how to survive in this life. When you feel stuck or weighed down by fear or emotion, the bear will come to your aid and assist you.

    This guide helps to make us feel more secure, safe, protected and wanted. They help us to follow our ambitions and desires. The bear also helps us on our spiritual path and helps us to realise how powerful and unique we truly are. This animal guide helps us to become leaders and stand up for our beliefs. People who are leaders, bosses, parents, pregnant, have fertility issues, trying for a baby, work with children or health care, working on their spiritual path, need help with self confidence, courage and strength will have a bear guide by their side.

    STAG AND DEER: These animal guides’ help to teach us important lessons and secrets of the world. They teach us the art of being subtle, gentle, sincere, kind, generous, elegant and trustworthy. These guides help to boost our self confidence and to find our place in the world.

    Stag and Deer animal guides are very wise and can give us great council. They help us to see both sides to each story and how to deal with, important matters in a calm and collective manner. They help us to not let our egos get the better of us or to rule our emotions.

    Deer and Stag animal guides teach us that it is okay to let our hair down some times and not to over work or worry. They teach us to learn for each of our experiences so that we may move forward on our life path. These guides teach us to become more aware of our surroundings and our emotions. They help us to deal with any issues or emotions that need our attention and be ourselves instead of who others want us to be.

    HAWK: The Hawk spirit guides are guides who help us to plan ahead for our future. To help us see our goals more clearly and find the best way in accomplishing our goals. They help us to see each situation in our life with greater perspective and to know the best way of dealing with them.

    Hawk guides helps us to keep our selves grounded and protected. If we are under psychic attack or in the presence of negative energy then these guides will worn you. Hawk guides help us to stay focused and to motivate us. They help us to see our talents and how to use them. They also help us to learn not to control others or events around us.

    LADY BUGS: These guides teach us to connect with nature and our selves. They teach us the importance of letting go for resentment, fear, anger or depression. Lady bug guides teach us how to enjoy the little things in life more and to take time out to rest and meditate.

    These guides teach us to appreciate our lives and those around us. They teach us that life is too short to hold grudges or have regrets. They inspire us to follow our hearts desires and to live each day to the full, also to appreciate all of the blessings that we have in our lives.

    PELICANS: Pelican’s teach us the importance of forgiveness. They teach us how to forgive others as well as ourselves. The Pelican guide helps us to let go of the things in our lives that are of no use to us or that weigh us down. They help us to let go of resentment, fear and anger.

    Pelican guides help us to lighten up and enjoy all that each day has to offer. These guides teach us to respect others as well as ourselves. They teach us to not judge ourselves but to love ourselves more. They teach us to better work with others and to give others a fair chance.