1. Our deceased loved ones do guide us in our lives. They are not one of our higher level guides but do help and guide us. We all have guides who were once our loved ones who have passed over. Some of these you may have met before such as a mother, brother, father, best friend, grandmother, aunt or uncle, cousin or teacher. Others you may have not met as they may have passed over before you were born or they could have been connected to one of your past lives. People from your passed lives do like to stay with you and help you in this life time.

      These guides like to show us that they are around by sending you smells, items, songs, thoughts and other signs that will be personal to them and that you would recognize. For example your grandfather used to smoke a certain type of tobacco in his pipe. You find that you can smell this very same tobacco around you when there is clearly no one smoking in the room or near by. Or your mother’s favourite song keeps playing on the radio or you get it stuck in your head and keep singing it. It could be that you find that you keep thinking about your deceased loved one, keep dreaming of them or you feel as though they are around you. These are all ways in which our loved ones who have passed over send us signs that they are watching over us.

      You can ask your deceased loved ones for guidance or help at any time as they can hear you – even if you ask them in your heads and not out loud. Do be careful though when taking their advice as our loved ones do not change in spirit. They are exactly the same people they were when they were living. For example if when your sister was still alive she was terrible at giving relationship advice, then do not ask her for her advice on relationships once she has passed, as she will still give you the same terrible advice. In a nutshell our deceased loved ones still have the same personalities and traits as they did when they were living. Just because they have passed over does not mean that they will suddenly change and give you accurate advice that is never wrong. This is why when performing readings or if you are seeking accurate guidance that you know will help, you should always call on your highest level spirit guides. I will explain more on these types of guides next