I can't believe it the things Natasha predicted in 2009 have just come to PASS NOW: red car, he got a red car, taurus man, he is taurus, strong hands, he got strong hands, tall, he is tall, love, don't know yet..., will go to place with lots of horses, we went to place with lots of horse never would have imagined it..., strong on the outside, gentle inside, totally right. Red car...he got a red car....the only things which did not yet happen: gold ring in a white envelope and yellow roses...and 10 million dollar contract ....SHE EVEN GUESSED HIS NAME HIS NAme and it is foreign not english.......I AM IN AWE....IT IS CRAZY UNBELIEVABLE BUT IT IS TRUE...she WAS OFF BY TWO YEARS....AND I THOUGHT SHE WAS CRAZY WHEN SHE WAS SPITTING OUT ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID.... Billy from South Africa 
William Derek Davies