Dear Natasha, This is just a quick note to tell you that your photo reading was excellent. I said maybe you are interested to know. The people names or red car didn't make sense to me but most of the other things you read through my photo are almost correct.I'm not a doctor (physician), but am getting my PhD soon. The things you said about my father is correct. He has not passed away physically but we haven't seen him for years. In some sense he is passed away for us. I also had a lot of responsibility when I was younger. 

 And exactly those things made me be what I am now. I always mention that. That's very interesting that you could see these things through the picture.I am not married, and have not married before, but am in a deep committed relationship with a beautiful lady.I don't want to go into the detail of every sentence now. But the thing you also mentioned about my mum, as well as the elderly man in spirit was quite correct. I also had a difficult time growing up.

 You were completely correct when you mentioned that I could read into people from their face. I can do that, and do it a lot for myself and some friends. I always attributing that ability to a kind of 'emotional intelligence'.In any way, I don't know how you could understand it from my photo. I also have quite a lot of vivid dreams. Sometimes they are very clear as if it is reality. Your photo reading is amazing. I hope your answers to my questions, and also your predictions about the future, similar to your photo reading, will become true. You have said many good things! Lots of doors and opportunities! I'm greatly looking forward to them! ;-) Take care, Sami You are very gifted Natasha, and have a strong believe in God.