"Hi-everyone - I was just thinking about Natasha-the details of the reading were beyond amazing! Everything I thought, she just had in her reading.Have a collection of ghost photos, I just can't speak with so so so many people who see churches and holy places going back centuries at least. Now many people are hoping to know more,about the wonderful gift of seeing a spirit picture for real. She put so much work into her reading - One name (out of 10) was off buy one letter - she got savio-found out the people in the house one hundred years ago, are lorio. 

 No one knew this not even me and I lived there. The sound avio was what I needed to find the family, she told me something was hidden in the house, When my friend died his relatives came and ripped through the place. There was a large sum of money in the house - I never knew. And the spirits that are there loved being known at last in a deeper way. I was very at peace after. I would truly like to thank you. Keith Allen