I really liked Natasha very much. She works best if you do not ask questions (phone psychic reading) and let her go with the flow so to speak or follow what she picks up. She said a lot of things which seemed real odd to me as she sees pictures and relates these as future or past events....odd until she hit on the name of the man I love without me telling her. That really freaked me out. 

 It is a complex name for her to pronounce being foreign and yet she said it. She thought it was a street name at firstbut then I realized straight away what she meant. That proved to me she is no fake psychic like many out there. She also picked up on a long trip I am going to be going on soon. She picked up on my state of mind and worries and on a contract coming in soon. I thought she was off only on a couple of things but that was because I asked her questions instead of letting her follow her visions. 

She is one of those psychics who needs to be left to flow and speak freely without any prodding. She will be sure to pick up on your situationif you let her speak, sit back and relax and just let her do her work.I really enjoyed my reading with her. She is honest, has a beautiful spirit and definitelymade me feel more at ease with my hard life situations. I definitely suggest her to anyone.She confirmed my own gut feeling about many issues. ~ Karen, Australia