True Love Reading £10.00

This reading is designed to look deeper into you relationship with your loved one, or to see if the person you are in love with is your true love. Natasha will draw 6 of her angel cards to perform your reading for you. The six cards represent the following...

Card 1 : Represents you, current feelings, attitudes and expectations.

Card 2 : Represents your partners / admirer's current feelings, attitudes and expectations.

Card 3 : Connection Card. This card represents the characteristics that bring or may bring you together.

Card 4 : Relationships strengths card. These are the qualities that maintain the relationship or will do.

Card 5 : Relationship weakness card. This card shows the issues that need to be explored and addressed or ones that would surface in your relationship.

Card 6 : True love card. Identifies if the relationship can be successful. It also highlights areas needed to be addressed.

When you order your reading please give both your first name and your partner or admirers first name. Please also state if you are in a relationship with the person or not. Thanks