Spiritual Path Reading £10


This reading will help you on your spiritual path. It will help to highlight and show you how far you have come on your path, what still needs to be done, what is holding you back, ushering your forward and will highlight people and situations that will help you.

Natasha will use Angels cards to perform your reading for you. She will also use her psychic intuition and work with your guides and angels to help pass on vital messages and guidance to you in connection with your spiritual path. She will also help you to see what your life purpose is and how to go about working on your life purpose. Natasha will draw 8 cards for your reading. The cards and their meanings are below...

Card 1: Primary concern or question

Card 2: Motivating reason for seeking guidance

Card 3: Present areas of concern or anxiety

Card 4: What you are unaware of at present

Card 5: Best course of action or advice

Card 6: Best way to proceed or use advice at present

Card 7: Guidance on how to proceed in the future

Card 8: Expected results if guidance is followed.