Self Healing Reading £10.00

he Self Healing Reading will help you to see yourself as a whole, will help you to find out more about your inner self and what makes you tick, will highlight areas in your life and in yourself that need addressing and healing. This reading will help you to find out how you are presenting yourself to the world, where your material aims lay and even what's happening in your subconscious.

This reading will help you to understand yourself better, show you how others see you, help to highlight issues that you need to deal with, help you to re-find your inner self and how to be your higher self at all times. It is vital that we learn to love ourselves more (not in a vain way but in a loving way.) It is important for us to build up our self confidence so that we can easily help others and ourselves.

Natasha will use Angel cards to perform your reading for you. She will also work with both your own guides and angels, as well as her own to pass on messages, guidance and advice to you on how to better your life, find inner peace, happiness and how to heal yourself.

Natasha will draw 12 cards for your reading. The cards and what each card represents are below...

Card 1: Who you are and how you present yourself to the world. How you think about yourself and how you project it. This is your self and personality card.

Card 2: What you value and how you express yourself. This is the material desires, values and money card

Card 3: The house of communication, brothers, sisters, travel, learning and how you think

Card 4: What you need, what nurtures you, where you find your sense of security and safety, the family and home card

Card 5: Where you draw your sense of creativity, individuality, passion and where you seek your sense of recognition and approval.

Card 6: How you serve others, finding your own sense of responsibility, and mental discipline. The analytical health card

Card 7: How you relate to others, marriage, partnerships, and what you project onto others.

Card 8: How you find your sense of control from sexuality, life, death, in heritance and how you deal with your own stored feelings

Card 9: How you seek to enhance your highest level of philosophy and beliefs. This is the spiritual law, higher mind, language and travel card

Card 10: How you use your talents to enhance your career, social standing and perceived status. Career, public status and ambition.

Card 11: Your hopes, wishes, groups, ideas, and knowing

Card 12: Your understanding of the different levels of consciousness. Your intuition, spiritualism, past lives and life as a whole.