Searching for Love Reading £10.00

The Searching for Love reading helps to offer guidance and advice on how you can find love, whether you are ready for love to enter your life or not, highlights the reasons that you have not yet found love and helps to pass on information about when and how you will find love.

Natasha will use angels cards to perform your reading for you. She will also work closely with both your guides and angels as well as her own to perform your reading. Natasha will draw 5 cards for your reading. The five cards are as follows...

Card 1: This card represents you and the issues surrounding you.

Card 2: Your behaviour patens that are influencing your love life

Card 3: The areas that need growth in order for you to find love

Card 4: The areas that you need to change or process to find love

Card 5: The areas that need to be liberated within yourself to allow love into your life