Psychic Development Course Package £160.00

*Postage and packaging costs are included in the price of this package. Please allow between 8 – 10 working days for your package to arrive – though Natasha will do her very best to get your package to you as soon as she can.

Natasha now offers a fantastic psychic development course package. This package includes the following…

· A lovely colourful folder to keep your notes and workbook.

· A helpful and interesting 21 lesson course on spiritual growth and psychic development that is printed out for you –  which has plenty of exercises, meditations and creative projects through out the course.

· A psychic journal

· A dreams journal

· A prayer book

· A homework book

· A meditation CD

* A deck of Angel Tarot Cards

· A FAQ print out – all your questions and answers on psychic development, spiritual growth, the paranormal and supernatural

· A pencil case filled with colours and pens

· 2x free In-Depth Spirit Guide reading gift vouchers and 2 x handmade 3D greeting cards

Below is a short list of what you can gain from all the lessons in this course…

* Raise your vibration to a higher level which helps you to clearly hear divine guidance

* Builds self confidence in yourself and your abilities

* Heightens your psychic awareness and all of your six senses

* Teaches you how to contact your spirit guides and angels

* Teaches you how to work and heal with the angels

* Teaches you how to discover your own unique spirit

* Helps you to remove negativity from your life and replace it with positive energy

* Teaches you how to connect with your higher self

* Teaches you how to stay properly grounded and protected

* Helps you to connect with others and our planet on a deeper level

* Helps you to feel and see energy that is all around you

* Helps you to see auras and how to keep your chakras and auras healthy

* Teaches you how to work with light

* Helps you to develop your psychic gifts, talents and find your life purpose

* Teaches you how to do healing work

* Helps you to find out which of

your gifts are the strongest and most developed

* Helps you with mediumship and to heighten your four clairs

* Helps you to learn how to perform readings

* Helps you to start up your own spiritual business

* Helps you to grow spiritually