One to One Healing Sessions (though Skype) £6.50 per sesson

Natasha is now offering personal one to one healing sessions. These will be done through Skype. Natasha does state that she is not a professional councillor so highly recommends that you also see a professional councillor or your GP - depending on the help that is needed. Natasha has had a great deal of experience in many different situations.

In Natasha's 31 years of living she has had many of life’s hardest experiences. She understands what others are going through and she wants more than anything to help your heart, body, mind and spirit to heal. Natasha has worked extremely hard to re-build her life and now wants to help others to do the same.

Natasha will help you from using her own experiences, will work with your guides and angels as well as the Archangels, and will also use her psychic intuition to try and help you as best as she can.

The healing sessions will last for an hour and will be held once a week  through Skype. These sessions will cost £6.50 per session and will be helpful and personal. She will send you a payment request each week just before each session. These sessions will go on for as long as you feel that you need them or until Natasha feels that you are ready for the sessons to end. If at any point you feel that the sessions are not working for you then just let Natasha know and you can stop having the healing sessions.

Natasha can not guarantee that her healing sessions will work, but what she can guarantee you is that she will do everything in her power to help where she can. She wants to help you to re-build your life, self confidence, heal and to find inner peace.

When you sign up for the healing sessions Natasha will send you a short questionnaire for you to fill in. This is just a short questionnaire for you to fill out so that Natasha can know exactly what help you need and how best to try and help you. Once you have sent the questionnaire back to Natasha then she will arrange with you a date and time that suits both of you each week to hold the healing sessions.