In-Depth Angel Readings £10.00

Natasha will use Angel cards to help give you an in-in-depth reading covering a specific area of your life, or an area that needs dealing with. Natasha will also connect with your guardian angel as well as other angels and guides that help you in your everyday life. When you order your reading please state which area of your life you would like Natasha to concentrate on, or you can ask 1 question of your choice that you would like answers too.

Natasha will do a detailed spread which covers up to 10 cards to get insights in areas of your life that need dealing with, healing, questions answered, and advice. This reading will help you to find your life purpose, help provide you with guidance on your spiritual path, your career, relationships, dreams and goals and on all areas of your life.

How this reading works is the angels will use the cards as well as Natasha to pass on guidance and advice that is meant for you. The angels know what areas of your life need healing or work. They know the important and vital messages that you need to hear to help you with all your life situations. The angels will work with Natasha to help give you an accurate and in-depth reading.

The ten cards will represent the following...

Card 1: This covers you and describes your immediate concerns.

Card 2: This crosses you and describes obstacles facing you.

Card 3: This crowns you and describes what is known to you objectively.

Card 4: This is beneath you and describes the foundation of the concern or past influences affecting the situation.

Card 5: This is behind you and describes past influences now fading away.

Card 6: This is before you and describes new circumstances coming into being – the near future.

Card 7: This is your self and describes your current state of mind.

Card 8: This is your house and describes the circumstances surrounding the situation.

Card 9: This is what you hope or fear, perhaps what you both want and fear.

Card 10: This is what will come and describes the likely future outcome.