Fairy Readings £10.00


Natasha will use Doreen Virtues, 'Magical Messages From The Fairies' Oracle cards to perform your fairy reading. Natasha will also work with the Fairies (nature and animal angels) to help give you an insightful and in-depth reading.

While shuffling the cards Natasha will call upon all of the nature angels (fairies) and ask them to please pass on vital messages that are meant for you. She will then draw 6 cards which she will share with you the card, their meaning as well as all insights and messages that Natasha received during the reading.

More about Fairy Readings...

Fairies are nature angels whose special job is to watch over all living things. These angels are deeply connected to the earth and can guide and help us in all areas of our lives. Fairies are brilliant healers and help to heal plants, animals and humans alike. Fairies also help us with our relationships, help to remove negative energy from us and they help with our finances, health issues and they inspire us to help our planet.

Fairy readings are inspiring and helpful. You do not have to send in any questions as the fairies already know which messages are meant for you and which areas of your life need changing or guidance.