Career Path Reading £10.00

This reading will give you a clear understanding of what career is best suited for you. It will help to highlight issues in your work place that are draining your energies and affecting you. This reading will help to pass on guidance and advice on how to advance your career, find happiness in a career or find a career that is best suited to you, how to boost your performance and what your chosen career says about you.

Natasha will use Angel cards to perform your reading for you. She will draw 7 cards for your reading. Natasha will also work with your guides and angels to pass on vital information, messages and guidance to help you on your career path. The 7 cards that Natasha will use and what each card represents is below...

Card 1: Is present career path what is truly desired

Card 2: Action that can be taken to advance career

Card 3: Aspects of career that can not be changed

Card 4: Present view of current career performance

Card 5: Personal changes to boost career performance

Card 6: Past issues which affect present performance

Card 7: Anticipated results if guidance is followed