Natasha will perform a reading for you using Doreen Virtues Archangel Oracle cards. Natasha will also work with both your and her spirit guides and angels as well as with the Archangels, to help give you a detailed and accurate reading. Natasha will ask the Archangels to please pass on important messages that are meant for you at this time in your life. Natasha will then draw 6 cards and share these with you. She will also share with you any insights, important messages and guidance that she received for you, while performing your reading.

Archangels are very powerful Divine beings who want to help in our lives as best as they can. They are God’s messenger angels and they carry our prayers to heaven. The Archangels help with healing, relationships, finance, travel, career, friendships, miracles and much more. When I perform your reading, I will be working closely with the Archangels to help give you an accurate and in-depth reading. Archangel readings are inspirational, truly helpful and heart warming.