21 Week - Psychic Development Workshop (Through Skype)

* Pay £6.50 per week or pay for the course in full at the beginning. The choice is completely yours!


Natasha now offers personal one to one workshops which are done through Skype. Once each week Natasha will meet with you on Skype (through phone - not video) and go through each lesson of the Psychic Development course (here at Psychic Friends) with you.

Benefits of personal one to one workshop

* Natasha will talk you through each lesson and give you personal one to one help and support.

* Natasha will do meditations and exercises for each lesson with you

* Natasha will answer your questions and help to keep you motivated and encouraged

* You can do the free version here at Psychic Friends, but with the one to one workshops, you will have constant help, support and it will give you a deeper understanding of each lesson and exercise.

Below is a short list of what you can gain from all the lessons in this course…

* Raise your vibration to a higher level which helps you to clearly hear divine guidance

* Builds self confidence in yourself and your abilities

* Heightens your psychic awareness and all of your six senses

* Teaches you how to contact your spirit guides and angels

* Teaches you how to discover your own unique spirit

* Helps you to remove negativity from your life and replace it with positive energy

* Teaches you how to connect with your higher self

* Helps you to connect with others and our planet on a deeper level

* Helps you to feel and see energy that is all around you

* Helps you to see auras and how to keep your chakras and auras healthy

* Teaches you how to work with light

* Helps you to learn how to keep your self properly grounded and protected

* Teaches you how to do healing work

* Helps you to develop your psychic gifts and find out which are your strongest gifts

* Helps you with mediumship and to heighten your four clairs

* Helps you to learn how to perform readings

* Helps you to start up your own spiritual business

* Helps you to grow spiritually

* Doing the course in a workshop form is fun and interactive

This is a 21 week course and will run one day each week for an hour and a half per session. Natasha is charging £6.50 per session. This totals to £136.50 for the entire 21 week course. You have the choice to pay for this course weekly or to pay for the workshop in full.

If you would like to pay for the course weekly then please contact Natasha so that she can sign you up for the workshop and she will send you a payment request each week for £6.50 Once you have signed up to the workshop then Natasha will arrange a day and time that you could both meet each week to do the workshop and each session.

Details of Course

Week 1: Grounding and Protection

Week 2: Your Spirit

Week 3: Recognizing the spirits of your loved ones

Week 4: Positive Vibes

Week 5: Being your Higher Self

Week 6: Working with Light

Week 7: Chakras

Week 8: Auras

Week 9: Opening your sixth sense

Week 10: Opening your sixth sense part 2

Week 11: Opening your sixth sense part 3

Week 12: Opening your sixth sense part 4

Week 14: The Archangels

Week 15: Guardian Angels

Week 16: Spirit Guides

Week 17: Automatic Writing

Week 18: Channelling – Part 1

Week 19: Channelling - Part 2

Week 20: Psychic Readings

Weel 21: Building Business